Centralpoint Update 8.9.3

Date of Update: Monday, June 25, 2018  
Feature Summary
Content > Video Library A new ThumbnailAltText field as been added to the module's relation. Images produced by the 'ExtendedVideo' and 'Video' CpControls will have an ALT attribute which is populated with Thumbnail Alt Text or the Title of the record if empty. IFRAME elements generated through these controls will also contain a TITLE attribute which is populated with the Title of the record.
Education > Reports A new Program Test Completed Date module property has been added. This will use the Course CeReport TestCompletedDate to set the Program CeReport record if not set to default.
Centralpoint Installer A new "Allow Centralpoint to Restore Database Backups" attribute has been added to the activation process after installing on Windows Server 2012 and newer. When set to No the system will provide instructions for a database administrator to manually restore backups during activation and deployment. When manually restoring backups on Windows server 2012 you must immediately update to version 8.9.3 or later before using Master > Deployment > Web Sites.

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