Centralpoint Update 8.9.49

Date of Update: Tuesday, June 23, 2020  
Feature Summary
ReverseHyperlink CpScript An "OrderBySystemNamesOrder" property is now supported. If you are hyperlinking from multiple modules, you may set this to "Yes" to prioritize how the results link. Results from the module of the first system name in the "ReverseHyperlinkSiteMapSystemNames" will be linked first, the second system name second, and so on. This will help prevent unexpected results when records from different modules contain the same or share words within their titles. You will need to manually adjust the comma separated list in the "ReverseHyperlinkSiteMapSystemNames" property.
Forms > Forms A new Processing > Taxonomy Submission attribute has been added.
Education > Questions A new image area question type has been developed. The question allows console admins to upload an image and assign an area within the image that is the correct answer. Users must place the question's icon within the correct portion of the image to receive credit.
Admin > Properties A new Header Tags > Enable Dynamic CSS File Generation attribute has been added and set to Yes by default.

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