Centralpoint Update 8.9.5

Date of Update: Monday, July 23, 2018  
Feature Summary
EmailForm CpControl The "Email a Friend" form which is found on the Details View of most standard modules has been updated to support Google's ReCaptcha.
FormButton CpScript A new DisableButton parameter has been added. When enabled the button will disable itself after it is clicked to prevent multiple submissions.
Data Transfer Audiences/Roles CpScripts These scripts have been updated to support ReplaceText and ReplaceWith parameters.
Admin > Roles A new Option Group keyword list attribute has been added. Keywords can be added to the list using Development > Keyword Lists (Role Option Groups). It is recommended that the value and text of keywords in this list are kept the same. The Roles attribute in standard modules will display roles with option groups after roles without and grouped by their selected option group. Option groups themselves are not select-able in Roles attributes, and server no purpose other than grouping the options within the attribute.
ModuleDragTree CpScript A new ReplaceCpScripts parameter has been added to execute scripts when the tree is rendered as opposed to the default behavior which allows scripts to be dropped into documents for execution when the document renders.
PreviewRtfEditor CpScript A new CssClass parameter has been added which will be applied to the surrounding HTML element.
Admin > Properties > Web Site Audience Filtration & Security A new Web Site Audience Filtration & Security attribute has been added to support Custom and Multi-tenant Audiences. It works in coordination with new Site Architecture > Tenants A & B modules, Members > Contact > Tenants A, and Site Architecture > Audiences > Company > Tenants B by default. It requires custom attributes and can be configured to work with any number of generic modules and user/audience properties. Hard coded audience filters in data sources or custom code will not consider this attribute unless they utilize a SystemFilter script or method. This attribute only applies to audiences as they are used to filter and secure front-end content.

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