Centralpoint Update 8.9.8

Date of Update: Tuesday, September 04, 2018  
Feature Summary
OCR Data Transfer CpScript This new script will use optical character recognition to convert an image into text. The support is very limited and output is based on the quality of the image.
ParseWebpageContent CpScript This script has been updated to support a 'cpsys_Column' constant in the TargetValue parameter to dynamically retrieve the id of the elements on the page.
AudienceInfo CpScript A DefaultValue parameter is now supported. When the Audience attribute is empty or does not exist this value will be used instead.
ExtAutoComplete CpScript A new 'cpsys_Users' can be used to query users instead of using a module system name. This only supports a single Relation Field Name, and does not support Split Field Values or Filter Is Full Text Indexed.
Procedure Manuals > Policies New Keyword Generator and Taxonomy Generator module properties have been added to integrate this module with Data Transform > Data Cleaner.
Development > Interstitials A new module is available that allows 3rd-party websites to lookup records in this module based on the URL path or query string from the referring page. When a record is found, Centralpoint returns a UI to the referring page that holds an iframe of the value in the "URL" attribute.

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