Centralpoint Update 8.9.9

Date of Update: Monday, September 24, 2018  
Feature Summary
Design > Data Sources A new `Tag Cloud` option has been added under Formatting > Formatting Options to output a HTML tag cloud with custom SQL.
Data Transform > Data Transfer A new Taxonomy Root attribute has been added under Source & Destination > Source = Taxonomy.
ModuleSearchAccordionMenu CpScript A new IsFullTextSearch parameter has been added to return results via a full-text search.
Data Transform > Interstitials New fields have been added to provide more control of the UI sent to the referring page. Enhanced functionality that matches module records to the referring page has also been released.
Admin > Roles A new Option Order attribute has been added. The Roles attribute in standard modules will sort roles by Option Group, Option Order, and Name ascending. Option Order serves no purpose other than ordering the options within the attribute.
Data Transfer GetFilePath CpScript This new script will take a fully qualified file path and return a root relative file path.

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