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Data Migration Services

Centralpoint's unique Data Transformation tools allow us to fully migrate your data from both structured and unstructured sources. More impressively, it will continue beyond the initial migration if you need it to, via our scheduled routines. This allows users to continue storing their data wherever they like (File Folders, others systems, etc.). Centralpoint will scan these sources daily, making sure to preserve version history regarding records which have changed since the last time they were spidered. This empowers you with an up-tto-date, federated search for all users. This is because besides simply ingesting your data, Centralpoint will leverage rich data cleaning rules and taxonomy to make it better. It will also fully text index unstructured data (like MS/Word or PDF) so that they can actually be searched. In addition the security role of each record is preserved or enriched. This means that each user's search results are different, depending on their authentications; resulting in a singular, centralized....source of truth for everyone.

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