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Data Migration Services

Centralpoint's unique Data Transfer module empowers our team and yours with robust tools to aggregate and migrate data into a central point. It is one of those tools you have to see. Cenralpoint can automatically import from both structured (Oracle, IBM, SQL, JSON, XML) and unstructured (PDF, Word, XLS, PPT) data sources. This allows you to map specific fields during import, making sure that nothing is left behind and that you can do more with information once migrated. Centralpoint also supports automating your metadata, wherein each record scanned, can be assigned to rich metadata (including new keywords applied) based upon the contents of each record ingested.

Data Transfer is used by Oxcyon to easily migrate you from arcane CMS or legacy systems. Data Transfer can also be used (by Oxcyon or your team) to aggregate data (from outside sources) to guarantee your web project is always up to date with the latest data. Be sure to watch the video on Data Transfer to see what it can do for you. Data Transfer can also be used between disparate systems, (having nothing to do with Centralpoint), and as such, is often licensed as a stand alone solution to clients. When a client has uncertainty that the content can safely be migrated, Oxcyon will even conduct a sample Data Transfer, before you sign with us, to Prove that we can do it. Data Transfer can also enhance your content, upon Migration, due to our support of Crosswalks and Taxonomy. These features bring your old (dead) content back to life again, allowing us more control over the newly imported information. You can manage multiple Data Transfer routines, each scheduled to run at different intervals. Data Transfer may also be used to move any information collected in Centralpoint 'to' these other databases.

Centralpoint also offers Data Cleaning tools to allow for metadata to automatically be applied to both your structured (OLE DB, SQL, Oracle, Txt, Json, Rss, XML) and unstructured data (PDF, Word, JPG2000, Cad) upon index or import. 

This function allows Centralpoint to scan any data (either manually entered or imported on a scheduled basis) based upon each record's contents to automatically apply the appropriate keywords or metadata. (Example: Any record which contains a code or part number (within the PDF, Word, Oracle or SQL) record, may inherit metadata based upon your rules. Also see Centralpiont Automated metadata 

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