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Data Governance & Science Consulting

As part of our commitment to your Centralpoint data governance success, we not only build the initial data governance rules, metadata structures, taxonomies, and ontologies tailored to your organization but also empower your team. We offer comprehensive training to your staff, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to effortlessly incorporate new conditions as your business evolves. Think of us as your data science "sherpa," guiding you through the intricate terrain of data governance, ensuring that your data remains a valuable asset that continues to meet your ever-changing needs.

Practical, Sustainable, and Scalable Data Governance
For a successful data governance program, it's essential to keep it practical, sustainable, and proportional to your organization's unique needs, size, urgency, maturity, and capabilities. Your data governance strategy should seamlessly align with your data strategy, seamlessly integrating into daily operations and designed to adapt and scale as your requirements evolve. User-centric design ensures quick and relevant access to the right information when needed. Centralpoint crosswalks provide a comprehensive view of all relevant data on a given topic, product, employee, or item.

Data Governance: A Continuous Journey
Data governance is an ongoing investment in thought, not a project with a finite timeline. We advocate for a "just enough" approach that offers incremental value and accommodates growth. As data governance expands and more individuals assume responsibilities, each new component should be thoughtfully integrated into your program. It's a constantly evolving process tailored to your industry, company, terminology, and policies. Consider your Centralpoint curated data governance rules as your organization's intellectual property, fueling AI and future automation.

More Than Technology: People and Processes Matter
Successful data governance is not solely about technology; it also hinges on establishing the right people and processes. Before implementing a tool, it's crucial to assess your organization for data governance readiness and ensure that new technology investments align with your strategic goals. Remember, data governance is to allow your users to access the right information (as fast as possible) to get the right answer to the right question. This means considering the user experience at all times.

Data Governance Program Management
We ensure that your data governance program is designed for seamless adoption. Beginning with an evaluation of your organizational readiness, we identify gaps in processes and personnel and then create a comprehensive enablement plan. Our expertise covers education, training, change management, policies, procedures, and all aspects of organizational readiness.

Master Data Management
In addition to establishing processes, standards, and policies for effective data governance across all stages of the data lifecycle, we specialize in master data management. This ensures that your organization's most critical data is centralized and trusted.

AI Enablement and Data Security
We take a rigorous approach to emerging AI software, adhering to laws, regulations, and ethical data usage. Centralpoint serves as your platform for AI enablement, facilitating the careful centralization, aggregation, and curation of data while considering security roles for all users.

Data Security and Privacy
Navigating complex regulatory requirements such as GDPR and CCPA is made easier with our guidance. We assist in classifying, storing, and managing your data in compliance, safeguarding against fines and preserving your reputation.

Data Asset Management
We help you provide meaning and definitions for all data assets within your organization through the selection and implementation of data governance tools and utilities. This includes creating a data glossary, data dictionary, data catalog, and data lineage. We tailor these artifacts to your analytics maturity and establish practical plans for their maintenance.

Data Quality Enhancement
When committing to data governance, assurance of higher-quality data leading to more strategic decisions is paramount. We collaborate with you to establish data quality rules, success criteria, technology implementation, and process automation. Additionally, we design data quality programs that institute company-wide rules and procedures, ensuring data trustworthiness throughout your organization.

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