Evergreen Updates

Centralpoint is the only Enterprise Content Management solution in the world to offer Virtual Evergreen Updates, and has since 2000. 

This results in over 350 updates over 15 years. Centralpoint represents a mature platform. Centralpoint's Evergreen updates are bi weekly, remote, pull updates that allow our clients, even on premise, to stay in stride with changes to technology. Evergreen updates eliminate obsolescence, keeping them up to date every two weeks. Updates include new functions, features, options and fixes which we believe truly defines 'Stream of Enhancements'. Other vendors will re present (or re sell) their technology to their client every few years. We believe in keeping it updated and earning the on going maintenance and stream of enhancements fees our clients pay us.  

It isn't just a mission statement, it is built into our technology......"To empower our clients with the latest digital tools to help them successfully compete within their respective markets."