Centralpoint Application Trace

Application Trace, when enabled will track any page loaded on the front end of the site, including the application 'trace'. This tool, when enabled, will show the incremental page load steps, including times. It is typically used to isolate a problem within any page's load. As with page tracing generally, you can view trace information at the bottom of individual pages. Alternatively, you can use the trace viewer (Trace.axd) to view trace information collected and cached by ASP.NET when tracing is enabled. Be sure to turn off Application Trace, when you are completed diagnosing your site or webpage.  More about this tool.

This tool is really designed for highly skilled developers to help them better understand what is happening 'behind the scenes' during any individual page load, in which to troubleshoot or 'trace' what is occurring during the page load..

, This tool can be found under the Development section within the Client Console, under 'Utilities'. Log in the Client Console, click on development, and search for this tool within this page. You can also ask your production manager to turn on the 'Tools' section of your client console. When this is done, each tool will appear individually within the console, for easy access.