Centralpoint Business Intelligence

Centralpoint's Business Intelligence & Reporting module allows you to report on any activity within Centralpoint. For example, you can generate a report to see weekly all of the new members who have signed up through your newsletter form, or you can build a report to see all of your employees who have logged in and downloaded the newest policy. Centralpoint's business intelligence call provide you with real time analytics from any back office system you have. Centralpoint's Data Source module not only integrates with any web service, or database but also social media groups like Facebook, Yammer, Twitter, Slack, Google and Salesforce. Centralpoint Data Sources allow you to report on live activity against any Centralpoint module, OR any other systems outside of Centralpoint via direct database connections and web services. In this way, you can truly centralize your buisness intelligence over ALL of your many systems, from a singular, central technology.