Centralpoint Data Cleaner - Auto-Apply Metadata to Structured & Unstructured Data

Data Cleaner works in concert with Centralpoint's Data Transfer utility to automatically assign metadata and taxonomy to your content. This means that any information you have, which may not have ever been properly assigned metadata, can now be transformed. Data Cleaner works with any form of information you have, raw data (from databases like Oracle, IBM, SQL Access, Excel, others, and Documents like: PDF, MS/Word, or Excel, applying metadata and taxonomy to each record (upon import) based on your pre defined dictionaries. Centralpoint Data Cleaner supports HTML, Taxonomy and Keywords, empowering you to manage dictionaries of conditions, including the 'threshold' of how many instances of any word or part number, may equate to which taxonomy or keyword. Please also see the many features we support regarding MDM, or Master Data Management

The best way to understand how this tool can benefit your organization is to actually see it. We encourage you to set up a demonstration with us, so that we may step through the various routines online, via a GoTo Meeting demo, and we can address any of your questions or challenges.If you are interested in this new module, you may also want to see our Taxonomy Pre-Import Tool. Be sure to see our Data Transfer module for more information.