Centralpoint Data Transfer

Centralpoint's unique Data Tranformation tools allow you to automate the aggregation or indexing of disparate data; whether it be Structured or Unstructured. These routines can be scheduled to run on an incremental basis, and allows you to centralize all information for your users. 

Oxcyon's Data Transformation suite allows for scheduled (full or incremental) data transfers between any systems, to aggregate, mash up and report on everything. (Supports: SQL,Oracle,json, .xml, .txt, .csv, ole db, odbc, jdbc, web services, atom, rss, xls, mdb, even can work against shared network drives (can ingest any files).  Centralpoint’s Data Transformation tools or “Vacuum Cleaner” as we call it internally is a profound capability. Centralpoint was built to Find, Discover, Collect, Ingest, Record, Index, Retrieve, Move, Apply Retention Policies and Measure Usage of Enterprise Data Resources. Centralpoint Software “spiders” to any identified data sources in an organization to ingest, index or migrate the data.Centralpoint Software Architecture provides Horizontal Scalability. That means, Centralpoint can scale to whatever size is needed. Petabyte, Exabyte or Zetta.