Centralpoint Delete Taxonomy

Because taxonomy supports N-Tiered relationships this means that should you ever want to delete a taxonomy tree, or individual taxonomy terms, you would need to do so manually, indvidiually, until all nodes of that taxonomy tree were deleted. This tool was created to allow all taxonomy items under a particular parent to be deleted in one fell swoop. Without this tool, each taxonomy found under the parent would have to be deleted manually, and individually and be time consuming. 

Note: You will want to confirm that the taxonomy (or family tree) you are deleting is not already in use by other modules, prior to deleting. If you delete the taxonomy list or tree, and it was in use prior, then you will need to retag all of those records to a new taxonomy post facto. It is highly recommended that you back up your site (See Tools/Backup) prior to the deletion of any taxonomy.

, This tool can be found under the Development section within the Client Console, under 'Utilities'. Log in the Client Console, click on development, and search for this tool within this page. You can also ask your production manager to turn on the 'Tools' section of your client console. When this is done, each tool will appear individually within the console, for easy access.