Centralpoint Drag-and-Drop Designer & Toolbox

Centralpoint supports agile development through it's Toolbox. The Centralpoint toolbox empowers users to call on any feature needed, and drag and drop it on to the page for use. These items could be form fields, or functions like Google Maps, Proximity Searches, Printer Friendly Icons, Related Content, anything. In this way, Centralpoint provides you with all of the tools you need to create your user solutions almost in a paint by numbers way. This is also helpful when you have multiple sites, wherein one site's functional design differs from others. Using Centralpoint's Toolbox you can easily cater to the needs of each audience or microsite, re-using the same functional elements pulling from the central data store. 

Centralpoint Toolbox also allows you to create your own code (Css, Formatted HTML, Web Service calls, anything) giving you a re-usable toolbox to drag and drop from whenever you need. 

Video of this module found below