Centralpoint IntelliSense

Centralpoint's IntelliSense is a script or feature of any centralpoint module. It allows you to extend the 'Did you mean.....' to a whole new level. Rather than simply matching the title of the record (being typed in) it gives you full control over which fields should be included when making that suggestion or recommendation. This script is generally added to a module (with many records) to either the title or keyword field. This script allows you to define which fields should be considered when determining the match for the user. (Example: including the field for Part Number, or Application Use of product will suggest specific products, as they begin to type). This is a great solution for users who don't know what they are searching for, allowing them to lookup (from a single field), part number, price, ranges, product name, or anything.  

This feature also inherits the roles and audience assignment of any record, meaning that this search may suggest different items for different users, given their log in (roles or audience) status. 

Video of this feature found below: