Centralpoint Media Manager (DAM)

Centralpoint's Media Manager module is designed to maintain all image, document, and media file-based resources used in Centralpoint data documents. There are three ways to access the Media Manager module: Console navigation, file upload, or the RTF editor resource manager link. Resources selected using the RTF editor and file upload are tracked. In this way, they cannot be deleted unless there are no references to the resource in the website data. Centralpoint Media Manager is your Digital Asset Management repository, whereas all other records in the site 'can' relate to these intelligently managed resources. You also have the option not to (on a record by record basis), but we encourage clients to reference the 'source of truth' record, so if you need to update it in the future, it will update all other assets which reference or contain it. Centralpoint Media Manager is your Digital Asset Management solution (harmonized with the content you need to manage for your users)

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