Centralpoint RTF Video Upload

Centralpoint RTF (Rich Text Formatting) Editors support video upload. In this way, you can easily upload videos directly onto your web pages and reuse videos that have previously been uploaded in your video library. Centralpoint RTF Properties allow you to control which features are available to your administrators. In the case of leveraged style sheets -- where most of the formatting is completed -- you may wish to limit the amount of RTF controls users have to manage their content. This default editor, including all of its functions is the Telerik editor, but you are free to use any RTF editor you wish. Centralpoint is agnostic, and able to change as these RTF editors improve, giving you agnostic control over which one you choose to use. 

Centralpoint RTF editors are cross-browser compatible tools, which can be customized for different designs and control over which features are available to your administrators.