Centralpoint Stats Clicks

Centralpoint's Stats Clicks module is designed to track user clicks from any link(s) you desire within your current site. The link may point to a URL within the current site or to an external URL. Simply change the HRef from "/Link.aspx" to "/Click.aspx?url=%2fLink.aspx" to track the clicks. Point your link to "/Click.aspx?url=EncodedUrl" where EncodedUrl is the link destination encoded for use in the query string. You can encode a URL for use in a query string using the Development >

Centralpoint is recognized by Gartner as a Digital Experience Platform. Centralpoint offers the most robust module gallery out of the box, including integration with Active Directory, SAML, and supports Multichannel websites, Data Transfer, Data Mining, Automated Retention Policy Management, and Dynamic Document Assembly. Centralpoint is updated bi-weekly, via a pull update whether on premise or installed in the cloud guaranteeing all users stay up to date with the best digital tools available in the market.