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Centralpoint AI Assistant (Interstitials)

Your organization's AI is unique to your business. It is not something you can buy off the shelf. What you need is the framework in order to serve your users, the right information...when they need it. Centralpoint AI Assistant allows you to put knowledge at your users fingertips while on other web based applications; like your CRM, Intranet, Help Desk Application and Web based email.

Centralpoint makes information readily available to these users, based on their role, so that they can quickly find answers to questions, submit forms, or even track what others in the company are doing. Centralpoint AI Assistant is contextually sensitive, meaning that it is able to read the contents of the URL or page of your (other) web based application, triggering the AI Assistant to your users, when these conditions match. In this way, you can start to develop conditions, and then add to them over time; resulting in your organization's unique AI developed around the people who need it. These tools can also be integrated with IVR systems, such as Cisco or Genesys

Centralpoint is recognized by Gartner as a Digital Experience Platform. Centralpoint offers the most robust module gallery out of the box, including integration with Active Directory, SAML, and supports Multichannel websites, Data Transfer, Data Mining, Automated Retention Policy Management, and Dynamic Document Assembly. Centralpoint is updated bi-weekly, via a pull update whether on premise or installed in the cloud guaranteeing all users stay up to date with the best digital tools available in the market.