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Centralpoint QR Codes allow you to customize what data is contained within a QR Code (or Data Matrix Bar Code) for virtually anything. This code can be scanned to determine the item's point of origin (like a document), or be used for ID Badges or inventory management. Generally you would use QC Codes around data sets (employees, inventory, documents) wherein you would like to scan (later) to determine extended information about that user. Formatting of these codes can be modified to support any type of reader/scanner, to gather that information (inventory control, or secure access to a building when an id badge is presented).

The QC Code (script) is generally applied to the record view of a larger record set (or output). In this way, each code rendered contains the data defined in the QR code itself for scanning. 

The Centralpoint Document Management module is designed to streamline how organizations update and maintain their documents, and then make the newest versions available for download.   Centralpoint's Document Management module is a two-module suite that allows administrators to manage text and documents -- and the versions of those documents.  The major functions of these modules are: The ability to transform text fields into PDF documents 

Centralpoint Forms to Documents (or Web to Print) empowers you to create any web-based form you need filtering the data submitted through a TEMPLATE, (Doc, PPT, Excel), which then outputs a standardized templated output document (doc, pdf, ppt, xls) to parse all incoming requests into recorded documents. This approach to document creation guarantees that the verbiage of the agreement or template, always be kept up to date. These actions can also carry custom workflow (depending on the form) and integrates it (including its approvals) with your back office. Forms encompass everything from e-commerce transactions to day-off requests to posting a web page -- each with its own unique workflow. Centralpoint Forms Management allows you to triage ALL incoming communication to your organization, route it for appropriate workflow, integrate it...

Centralpoint's Digital Experience Platform  is an omnichannel knowledge management and content management platform. Centralpoint is an ecosystem; universal to any organization regardless of industry vertical or size. It streamlines the information from your business (through your distributors) to your end users (Something we call B2B2C), and in return order reports what actions they took (C2B2B). It is a revolutionary User Experience Platform which is creating a seismic shift in the enterprise content management and portal space. For more information learn how we re-invented the wheel...literally.

This organization chart (showing all audiences in the enterprise) can be easily rendered simply by creating a new record. You will find this tool under the Admin section of your Client Console. There are three different JQuery views of this chart, Centralpoint Wheel (Traditional), Centralpoint Sunburst Wheel (latest version), and also a Treeview. By selecting the different output of your org chart, it will render the view selected. Once you have created this record, simply click on View link at right to see the path to your visual enterprise mind map. This link may be added anywhere within your site to provide to your users. 

Centralpoint's Policies & Procedures module streamlines the way organizations manage their policies. This module suite allows you to easily create or update policies, routing them -- via email -- directly to the right administrator for review. Once reviewed and approved, they are automatically released to the site. This way, the parent Procedural Manual can be downloaded "fresh off the press" with the most recent changes. 

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