What is Centralpoint?

Centralpoint is changing the way organization's think about their information and their overall digital strategy. Centralpoint is a leading Digital Experience Platform, which considers all of your information and the way it serves each of your users. Centralpoint is a cross forest single sign on and content management system, which allows for all users to be served by a singular, centralized technology. In this way, information is served from the source, and delivered fresh upon the request of each user. Centralpoint's MPHC and unique approach to DITA based documents and emails revolutionizes the way organizations think about their data. 

Contact us today so that we can prove it to you. With over 220 out of the box modules, harmonized to yield a streamlined digital experience strategy (as a product), we can build a high fidelity prototype, around your audiences, channels, roles and types of content....BEFORE YOU BUY. This approach eliminates the risk typically associated with selecting a vendor. Centralpoint has been called a game changer in the ECM Market. Centralpoint is also recognized by Gartner as a vendor in this new emerging $32 Billion dollar User Experience, Digital Experience  Platform market. Say goodbye to cobbled together third party applications and say hello to a streamlined, top down approach to knowledge management.

Interested? You've got to see it!