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What is Centralpoint?

Although Centralpoint ranks with Gartner as a leading Digital Experience Platform, it is much more than that. This technology can be installed on premise or in the cloud to consider your entire master data lifecycle if you need. First, it is able to ingest, spider data from your many disparate sources, including unstructured and structured sources. Next, it enriches your information, deduping, sorting out version history, and auto applying metadata, taxonomy, and ontology to better organize it. It can also fully text index files which never were in Sharepoint or other systems. This empowers you with a federated search for all users (unique by their role(s). It also allows you to syndicate the information easily to your many constituents or consumers. These could be employees, customers or partners. It could also mean the syndication to each of your many field offices, aircraft or franchisees. Centralpoint transforms your data into actionable knowledge to each user who needs it securely and in a personalized way. Our position in the Magic Quadrant as a Digital Experience Platform really deals with the distribution of the information via multi channel distribution and output. Ultimately, Centralpoint does much more than this and also is considered a Master Data Management platform. Centralpoint can be installled On Premise, or in the Cloud to make sense of your big, disparate data.      

Please see this video overview to give you more insight into how Centralpoint can empower your organization

Contact us today and schedule a demonstration. Our team will come to this meeting with a fully functional, High Fidelity Prototype built specifically for you. In this way we can prove our capabilities, eliminate your risk, and prove market readiness. We are also prepared to ingest any sample data you may have to demonstrate the power of Data Mining, and Metadata enrichment essential to a world class knowledge management strategy.


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