Centralpoint Ranked Top 10 Content Management for 2017

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Centralpoint, by Oxcyon has been named amongst the Top 10 Content Management solutions by Business Software. Oxcyon takes a unique approach in contrast to others found in this report, wherein we can build a high fidelity prototype for your project, PRIOR to your decision. This means that Centralpoint stands out amongst all other vendors in this report as the only one able to eliminate your risk in the decision. Often, Centralpoint is able to respond to all needed functions for your project, and introduce new functions which may not have been considered. To access the report, click here. 

Oxcyon sees itself as more than just a provider of software. We see ourselves as your trusted ally and partner to help architect the best long term digital experience platform available. It is more than content management, a successful digital experience platform means serving each of your users in a personalized way, and harvesting that activity (business intelligence of what they are doing) to automate enhancements to their experience wherever possible.
Oxcyon Centralpoint Top 10 Content Management System, CMS