Centralpoint releases Offline Remote Update iOS Application

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Oxcyon has completed an eight month development effort development, releasing it's iOS application (developed for Apple iPad) which empowers authorized Centralpoint end users to download a Centralpoint (Knowledge Management) instance to access offline. This application allows for a full download of authorized content by end user, and includes a scheduled periodic update (by each device from the website when within range of internet access). This Remote Update tool set empowers users in the field to access critical information they may need (without web access). This Remote Update preserves all interactive features of Centralpoint as if they were online, including the digital rights management giving each user access to information based on their security role(s). The Remote Update application checks the status of each user's digital rights (when within range) to control their continued use. If a user no longer should receive access to offline content the application may delete all previously downloaded content by each end user from the local device.  

This Remote Update offline application is released to the Apple iTunes store by Oxcyon on a client-by-client basis wherein the application is customized around the organizational needs of each client. This grants each client to control when and how content is updated by their members while in the field.  This remote update allows for lightweight, incremental offline download and supports such features as: Video(s), Image, eBook, Audio, MS/Powerpoint, MS/Word Documents, MS/Excel and PDF download. This allows each user to browse the knowledge management catalog even without internet access, and sometimes faster, due its offline (local) delivery, as it does not require internet connectivity to access and cross reference each record. Features of the iOS application include: scheduled updates, full reporting (of downloaded licensed content by users), print friendly support of any webpage or related file attachment, and DRM/UPC stamped content to track it's point of origin. This iOS application is licensed separately to organizations including licenses per user (based on their download of the app to each Apple device). This offline knowledge base can also be made field ready complete with alternative (solar) power source for those users without internet or without power. "This application will support our clients who have remote field presence, to include Government, Education, Manufacturing and Product Support. Future releases will include support of Android, and even laptops." says Samuel Keller, Oxcyon's CEO.