Oxcyon completes SSO Module

CLEVELAND, Oh. -- Oxcyon, a leading provider of enterprise content management and Portal solutions for Healthcare announced today that they have completed integration of their Global Login module, which empowers healthcare organizations to authenticate against multiple systems to better manage content to different audiences and user roles. This module, working in unsion with Centralpoint's PolyHierarchial CMS/Portal allows for multiple web initiatives to be consolidated and streamline under one roof.  

"We talked to too many hospitals that were facing huge costs for SSO solutions, so we decided to build one ourselves," says Sam Keller, Oxcyon's CEO and President. "It was a natural fit with our CMS Portal platform, allowing us to serve multiple users, based on their roles, within a variety of audiences, from a central-point." "Let's face it, the web strategy up until now has been to cobble together many expensive technologies to create the perception of centralization." "With Oxcyon's Centralpoint platform they can reduce cost and redundant efforts by streamlining the flow of information from a singular point." "Prior to this new module, Centralpoint was limited to authenticating against one master path, now we can support as many authentication touchpoints as the user may have simoltaneously, matching the role of each user, and presenting content based on their accessible rights."