Oxcyon Releases Sponsored Keywords

CLEVELAND, Oh. -- Oxcyon, a leading provider of enterprise content management and Portal solutions for Healthcare  announced today that they have completed their Sponsored Keywords module. This new module, found within the Advertising section, lets you manage a specific keyword dictionary, which when viewed on any page, will provide featured mouseover content (including messaging, branding, and images) and hotlink to the designated area. It will also suggest a relevant page or section of your site by hyperlinking.

"This feature, gives your site a Wikipedia-esque way to relate, and interlink relevant pages", says Sam Keller, CEO. "Because Centralpoint often needs to aggregate data from different sources like Health Information Libraries, Glossaries and Encyclopedias, this is an excellent way to automatically relate content togther." He goes on to say "We look at leading technologies and learn from them. Take Wikipedia for an example, they have done an excellent job inter relating items to one Centralpoint can do the same thing."