Oxcyon wins 2008 Weatherhead 100 Award

CLEVELAND, Oh. -- Oxcyon, a leading provider of enterprise content management and Portal solutions for Healthcare announced today that they have been honored to win the Weatherhead 100 Award for one of the fastest growing technology businesses. Centralpoint provides a turnkey, centralized platform for healthcare organizations to easily manage, categorize, and distribute content to their many stakeholders (patients, doctors, employees, and more). It's Polyhierarchial CMS Portal empowers hospitals to consolidate their many web initiatives under one roof. Of the Top 100 Weatherhead award winners, Oxcyon has ranked #9, within the upstart category.

The Weatherhead 100 was forged as a venue for encouraging the truest spirit of entrepreneurialism and rewarding those companies that serve as a beacon to all businesses in their sectors. The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University uses a ranking system that acknowledges and brings together the fastest growing companies. Today, the Weatherhead 100 incorporates a method for further differentiating and distinguishing qualifying businesses that are both larger (Centurion) and smaller (Upstarts) companies. Qualifying companies must show consistent growth over the last five years. The Weatherhead 100 list--objectively determined annually and highly regarded --is a testament to hard work, commitment, innovation, and the dream to succeed.

Each year, a spirited black-tie event is held to honor the victors - to champion their achievements and recognize their pursuits. The gala event is always a rewarding and memorable event that center-stages Northeast Ohio's best, and allows them to stand proud of their efforts and accept their due accolades from other members of the business community.