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Dynamic Document Assembly

Charles Darwin was right....everything does relate to everything else. DITA or Darwin Information Type Architecture empowers you to manage your information like the living, breathing organism it is. This means one updated diagram or paragraph automatically updates any webpage or document which references it.  Centralpoint ends the days of left behind, outdated information in favor of living content. 

Centralpoint streamlines your digital assets, content, and other cobbled together tools empowering you to manage everything more intelligently. Although most clients see DITA for Technical documents, publications and PLM only, we see it for everything. . Centralpoint additionally offers the Data Transfer tools necessary to import all of your archived records easily into a unified platform; resurrecting your static information, bringing it back to life. Centralpoint Data Transfer works with documents, Sharepoint, SQL, Oracle or any data you may have to transform your information into a platform to manage it more intelligently. One document managed in Centralpoint may be viewed differently by users based on their role(s). This is because every element of the document is roles based, allowing each record to be assembled on request, by user, fresh out of the oven.  

Your current document or content management vendor doesn't understand the long range big picture. Everything is changing all the time, and so must the information you distribute to others. Lag means liability, and Centralpoint eliminates it, providing fresh-from-the-oven information on request based on the user's rights who access it. Additionally, Centralpoint tracks the activity around this information providing you the user experience and business intelligence needed. See how Centralpoint for DITA can help your organization...


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