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Solve Big Problems by Thinking Small

To address significant challenges, sometimes it's essential to adopt a small-scale perspective. Tackling complex issues within an inherited, entrenched enterprise can feel daunting. The key to solving it lies in breaking down the challenge into its smallest modular components. Approach it with the curiosity of a child, questioning the rationale of everything. Often, if something doesn't make sense, it simply doesn't. Your willingness to address these issues may mark the first time they're truly confronted.

Rather than attempting to solve the entirety of Big Data, focus on addressing one individual problem at a time. Each solution will illuminate the path to the next issue and beyond. Knowledge Management across all your data is tailored to each organization's uniqueness—distinct business practices, industry verticals, and encountered challenges. Our advice is to initiate with a small, actionable step that can be implemented today. Once accomplished, proceed to the next. This gradual approach will deepen your understanding of specific challenges and provide a holistic view. As the saying goes, "The only way to eat an entire elephant is... one bite at a time." In the video below, Stephen Dubner, the author of Freakonomics, discusses the efficacy of addressing substantial problems by embracing a small-scale perspective. We wholeheartedly concur. 

Centralpoint allows you to take on these challenges one problem at a time. It does this by managing your information in a modular, organized way. Centralpoint empowers you to manage your content (aka information) into it's smallest (sub atomic) elements. In this way, you can do more with the informaton, mashing up the elements unique for everyone in your organization by their department or role. Some call this CCMS (or Componentized Content Management Systems), where Gartner calls it DXP (Digital Experience Platforms) which Oxcyon ranks in their Magic Quadrant. Whatever you choose to call it, Centralpoint maximizing re-use for all by thinking small. 

Everyone is biased in some way. Some may be committed to an older, unsuccessful strategy. They are resolute to solve an old problem which may have calcified beyond anyone's ability to fix. Let's face it your knowledge ecosystem (or enterprise)  has been cobbled together over many years, by many different people. The solution is to rethink the entire approach, thinking small ; careful to solve only one micro problem at a time. Before you know it, each of these micro solutions will result in a harmonious and organic strategy. Centralpoint's Module Gallery provides the modular architecture needed for you to do this, one challenge at a time, adding to a new enterprise.


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