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What is a Digital Experience Platform?

Centralpoint goes beyond ordinary content management (CMS), offering a User Experience Platform (UXP). You need to do more than just manage content, and serve it to the right person, you need to track all user interaction with it. Centralpoint takes this full circle, empowering you to not only manage content, but also the transactions your users' may have with it. Centralpoint can act as your entire enterprise, or be used piece meal to enhance the one you already have. 

Gartner defines the emerging User Experience Platform market, as a singular application which is an integrated set of technologies used to provide interaction between a user and a set of applications, processes, content, services or other users. A UXP has several components, including portals, mash up tools, content management, search, rich Internet application (RIA) tools, analytics, Collaboration, social and mobile tools. It may be delivered as a suite of products or as a single product. Centralpoint is recognized as a leader in this emerging space. 

Centralpoint is more than CMS. It is a singluar platform technology which manages the flow of information throughout your entire organization. It manages the information from the source and distributes it to all constituents tracking what the users do. This results in a harmonious ecosystem which tracks information and users' interaction with it. The Centralpoint diagram below illustrates this hub and spoke approach, wherein content originates from your parent, (from the central point), distributes to your users, and then tracks (in return direction) their interaction. Information is constantly being recirculated (like a fountain) between you and them and back again. Since Centralpoint tracks it all, it can alert specific users when any of the information may change in the future, tethering the user to the information they need at all times. 


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