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You need more than a just a CMS or Portal

You need more than simply a content management system or portal....you need an omni-channel platform to reach everyone, everywhere. You need a market ready Digital Experience Platform which can be installed On Premise or in the Cloud. You need Centralpoint.

You need a platform capable of reaching all members, regardless of their role or device. Centralpoint's unique architecture considers everyone (employees, customers, partners, suppliers) from one platform saving you time, money and aggravation.

Who read what policy when? Who successfully passed the online test after watching the new how-to video? How many sales reps downloaded the monthly sales report, and who did not? How do we integrate the survey results back into the CRM? How can a change of address from a client, automatically update your billing systems? How can we trigger an email alert to only those clients who use 'x' product?  These are all examples of demands 'beyond' the content, and begins to define what a "UXP" or User Experience Platform is. It goes beyond posting content on the internet; it's about streamlining the flow of information. If you consider the end game, you will likely end up with a punch list of features, which you will already find (out of the box) in our module gallery. In other words, we are already there. If you select the wrong CMS, which most clients have, it will inevitably mean 'back to the drawing board' (again).


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