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You've got (New) mail!

According to McKinsey research, the average knowledge worker invests 650 hours per year, sending and responding to email. This is because Exchange and Outlook have had nothing to do with your actual knowledge base....until now. This OWA replacement, works with your existing Exchange/Outlook, regardless of where you host it, and our application can even be installed on premise behind your own firewall. This new interface marries the knowledge your staff needs with the emails they send or reply to anyone.....dragging and dropping accurate messages, data and information to quickly respond to any request. Each user receives a unique menu within their email, based upon their role (or security) on login (gleaned from AD, SAML or others). The visual interface for your mail can also be customized anyway you want, including giving rich taxonomy (or metadata) to all email....which you have never really had...until now.

Oxcyon ranks in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms and competes with Sharepoint, Salesforce, Oracle, and IBM bringing world class digital solutions to over 350 clients worldwide, now for over 17 years. We are really excited about this release, and the US Patent which was filed by Oxcyon which changes email forever. Email should be at the epicenter of your knowledge management strategy. 


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