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Oxcyon has been a leader in the enterprise content management space for over a decade, and is a pioneer in the emerging market known as User Experience Platform (UXP). We have experienced a lot over the years, and our expertise can save your organization time and money. Visit our timeline to see what over 15 years of evergreen updates looks like, and imagine how your organization can leverage that knowledge capital to hit the ground running. Here are other perspectives which might help convey how we see things...
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Encrypt Everything and Trust No One
By Samuel Keller  |  6/6/2015

You know your healthcare organization’s leadership is concerned with security – this much isn’t new. But mounting digital security concerns simply pile on to the basic patient privacy and security concerns already well known in all healthcare organizations. While other industries like retail contend with breaches of credit information, your responsibility is greater and more complicated. Breaches of healthcare data can involve much more sensitive information. You and every other member of the organizatio......

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