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An Intelligent Alternative to Sharepoint

Sharepoint depends on multiple instances of SQL databases (note: plural) to seemlessly organize your information. In reality it is merely storing your information in many different databases, and is not being stored within a singular, centralized database.

Centralpoint Digital Experience Platform is built upon a singular database, but is designed to consider much more. Centralpoint can manage all of your records within a singular database, but due to our superior database design, it consider much more. Centralpoint considers the many Audiences, taxonomies and Roles which that one singular record relates to. This means everyone may be searching the same database, but the filter of which records meet their Audiences or role(s) are considered with each page view. This empowers you to manage your information as a source of truth. One update to a singular record (or element) could cascade through and to only some users or all....from a central point. 

Centralpoint's more intelligent database design allows us to do more with less, rendering dynamic DITA documents or webpages uniquely for each user.  Centralpoint provides you with greater functionality which you can see in our Module Gallery. Centralpoint is easier to manage and is far more flexible than Sharepoint. Centralpoint, like Sharepoint, authenticates with Active Directory to securely welcome and serve each user, but it also integrates with others; like SAML, oAuth, OpenID or custom sources. This means that you have a more agnostic way to deal with all users, regardless of where they may authenticate from. 

Centralpoint also does more when it comes to tracking the activity of each user. Centralpoint's support of Deep Links allow that Authentication to do more for each user once logged in, like provide them single click access to other applications without having to sign in again. Centralpoint also tracks all user activity, considerate of Gamification, allowing you to see each user's usage, but also to quantify and incentivize those to interact more. If considering an alternative to Sharepoint is political, Centralpoint can be used to enhance your existing Sharepoint installation. We get it, moving something like Sharepoint is herculean and difficult. In this example, Centralpoint can live on top or aside Sharepoint, providing the robust log in, UI/UX, Design, but most all records submitted can be deposited directly into Sharepoint.  

Should you be interested in sunsetting Sharepoint, Centralpoint offers tools built specifically for this purpose. Centralpoint's Export from Sharepoint, allow us to restore all records and files from Sharepoint to next ingest into Centralpoint, mapping all relevant fields. This can save you a fortune in license fee reductions, and perhaps make all files from Sharepoint better searched, as Centralpoint not only searches the records (by title or author) but can even search the contents of files previously stored within Sharepoint (like MS/Word, PDF, PPT, and XLS)