Centralize Disparate Systems, serving all users from a Central Point

Although Microsoft has only recently introduced Project Cortex, Oxcyon is the pioneer having released Centralpoint nearly 20 years ago. Unlike Microsoft, Centralpoint can be installed either On Premise or in the Cloud, and provides enhanced functionality via our Module Gallery. Centralpoint's unique Data Transformation engine, empowers your organization to index, ingest or spider all of your many siloes yielding a singular source of truth for all. Centralpoint was built on the Microsoft Stack, and integrates out of the box with Active Directory, SAML, and others allowing all knowledge to be filtered by the role(s) of each user. Automated Metadata (or Data Cleaner) applies rich Topics, Metadata, Security roles to all of your records....automatically. These rules automatically apply these values to any information, whether it is manually uploaded or spidered from other systems. This building block of AI allows for disparate information which previously did not relate to relate to everything else. 

These scheduled rules can also manage email alerts to your users, when any information changes. These rules can push the right answers to your CSRs, when dealing with a variety of different customer issues via our AI Assistant. Finally, these rules can even take out the trash, scanning your multiple silos against your archive and retention policies, curating your knowledge and purging it with anything which is outdated.

If you are looking at Microsoft's Project Cortex or SharePoint Syntex we encourage you to schedule a demonstration of Centralpoint. We are confident to show you a more comprehensive solution to take control over knowledge within your enterprise, and are even willing to prove it. Oxcyon will build a live functional prototype for your team to put to the test, prior to your commitment.