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Centralpoint Update 8.11.22

Date of Update: Monday, October 11, 2021  
Feature Summary
Module Configuration > Grid Searchable Fields This attribute now allows the grid view to support Taxonomy searches which can be leveraged from PagedListBox controls that use the module view. A listItem tag as shown here is required: <listItem value="Taxonomy:{cpsys_Taxonomy.Name OR cpsys_Taxonomy.TaxonomyId}:{tableName}.DataId:{ancestorTaxonomyId}">Taxonomy.Name Subset</listItem> The parameters are shown in {}. The last parameter of {ancestorTaxonomyId} is optional. Leaving this parameter off will search all taxonomy. Using the ancestorTaxonomyId will behave like a TaxonomySubset search where the filtration is looking for Taxonomy matches under the root AncestorTaxonomyId.

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