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Centralpoint Update 8.11.75

Date of Update: Monday, February 5, 2024  
CpScript ColumnAudiencesThis CpScript is used to return Audience data from records in results views. At this time only names are supported. The audiences returned can be filtered based on whether the result uses the Audience for website or console filtration.
Data Transform > Data TriggersDesigned to automate actions in response to specified events occurring within selected modules.
Console Utilities > NLS User TokenThis utility converts userToken property values from Algolia Events to a UserId or enter a UserId to convert to the token.
Module Properties > Content Block ExtractorA new module property named "Content Block Extractor Headings" is available. The tool was released to search for the following heading tags: <h1>, <h2>, <h3>. This module property supports heading tags from h1 through h6 and allows console admins to select the headings they want to search for to create split content.
Tools > NLS Queue DeletionsThis is a new console utility that will find all data in the NLS indexes that does not exist in the Centralpoint database and queue this data for removal. A Natural Language Search scheduled task is required to execute after to complete the removal from the NLS data storage.

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