Centralpoint Update 8.9.14

Date of Update: Monday, December 03, 2018  
Feature Summary
FormMoveRecordsToAnotherModule CpScript This CpScript creates a field map to map attributes from a selected DataIds to another module.
Forms > Forms A new Display Cancel Button attribute was added.
Site Architecture > Taxonomy An Order column was added to the module grid view.
Site Architecture > System Pages > Search A new Ajax Search page has been developed. To use it, please create a Navigation record that has the Url set to /Pages/AjaxSearch.aspx
Password Security The process and algorithm used to hash and store passwords has been updated. The changes have been documented in the Password Security help file located in the Centralpoint Q & A section of your master console's home page. Do not install this update if you do not plan to sync the changes to all sites on the server. If some sites are on an older version Ancestor Admins will not be able to log into web sites until they are updated. Contact us before installing this update if you have written custom code that references the Password or PasswordSalt columns in the database or stored procedures that take these as parameters.
Design > Dynamic Tab Display iFrame Tab Contents is now available for the option jQuery Accordion.
ModuleSearchAccordionMenu CpScript A new property called InsertClick has been added. Set to yes in order to Insert a Click in the cpsys_Clicks table by using the accordion. This will only work if Site Map System Name is chosen.

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