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Auto Enrich Metadata & Classification

Imagine automatically applying rich metadata to all of your information automatically. Centralpoint can empower you with the tools to manage robust, N-tiered metadata and taxonomy, including the ability to schedule the indexing or ingestion of both structured and unstructured data to apply metadata based on the contents of each record. Centralpoint supports scheduled data transfer and transformation, which allow you to spider your disparate databases or file folders, to pick up, scan, glean and apply metadata based upon your rules. Centralpoint Data Cleaner acts as a dictionary or repository of these rules, in which the data transfer routines work against. This empowers you to scan both structured data (Oracle, IBM, SQL, Json, XML, ODBC) and more impressively unstructured data (PDF, Word, XLS, PPT, CAD, Video) which may live in other systems or merely file folders. 

Centralpoint's Data Transfer (or Transformation) tools mean that no need to enter or manually tag information again. It also means that you can cross reference different taxonomies, relating disparate information together; yielding a rich knowledge management solution- which no one needs to manually keep up with. It also means that you can return to the process of simply asking your staff to store files in folders or wherever they want. Centralpoint can be scheduled to spider these locations as frequently as you need (including sub folders within), to detect, index, scan, ingest, each new file; apply appropriate metadata along the way. Centralponit's metadata incorporates MphC, which means you can support many hierarchical tiers of taxonomy (aka Ontology). This allows you to manage as many dictionaries as you need, including the horizontal bind between disparate metadata or taxonomy types. When set up properly, Centralpoint's Automate Metadata can work very much like your own Wikipedia, relating everything to everything, including the roles based security on some files, to ensure that each user only see what they are allowed to. 


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