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Oxcyon has been a leader in the enterprise content management space for over a decade, and is a pioneer in the emerging market known as User Experience Platform (UXP). We have experienced a lot over the years, and our expertise can save your organization time and money. Visit our timeline to see what over 15 years of evergreen updates looks like, and imagine how your organization can leverage that knowledge capital to hit the ground running. Here are other perspectives which might help convey how we see things...
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What is a Digital Experience Platform?
By Samuel Keller  |  2/23/2015

Centralpoint goes beyond ordinary content management (CMS), offering a User Experience Platform (UXP). You need to do more than just manage content, and serve it to the right person, you need to track all user interaction with it. Centralpoint takes this full circle, empowering you to not only manage content, but also the transactions your users' may have with it. Centralpoint can act as your entire enterprise, or be used piece meal to enhance the one you already have.  Gartner defines the emerging......

Centralized Autonomy...Finding the balance
By Samuel Keller  |  9/1/2010

Striking a balance between federated governance and local autonomy America's has it right in theory striking a balance between strict federal Government and the individual rights of its' citizens. Although looks good on paper, it's easier said than done. In reality, the needs of either the individual or the group often outweigh the other.      Organizations like yours face the same challenge when it comes to implementing Shared Services, and adopting processes which benefit both. The need......

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