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  • AI Made Easy

    By Samuel Keller  |   1/9/2019

    Most executives know that artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to change almost everything about the way they do business — and could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. But what many business lead...

  • Solve Big Problems by Thinking Small

    By Samuel Keller  |   7/27/2018

    To solve big problems, sometimes you need to think small. The challenge you face trying to solve an inherited, calcified enterprise can be overwhelming. It is. The only way to solve it is by breaking down into it's smallest modula...

  • Auto-Apply Metadata to Structured & Unstructured Data

    By Samuel Keller  |   3/23/2018

    FInally, an On Premise or cloud platform which will automatically spider your structured (Oracle, IBM, SQL, Json) and Un-structured (PDF, Word) data. This automated process does more than simply index, map and move your files....i...

  • Updates from Oxcyon's Development Lab

    By Samuel Keller  |   3/19/2018

    This video covers new technology released over the past year, proving our commitment to provide our clients the best possible digital tools available. It will give you some insight into how we see big data, and why we made the 201...

  • You've got (New) mail!

    By Samuel Keller  |   9/27/2017

    According to McKinsey research, the average knowledge worker invests 650 hours per year, sending and responding to email. This is because Exchange and Outlook have had nothing to do with your actual knowledge base....until now. Th...

  • We've re-invented the Wheel

    By Samuel Keller  |   9/19/2017

     A bold claim, but one we have been working on for 16 years, have over 350 Enterprise clients, and are willing to prove it to any qualified prospect. My vision of this new Wheel began in 1999, and has since resulted in over 3...

  • Evergreen (Remote) Updates

    By Samuel Keller  |   7/14/2017

    Install on premise; while eliminating obsolescence...

  • Centralpoint Design in 3D View

    By Samuel Keller  |   9/19/2015

    You need more than simply a content management system or portal....you need an omni-channel platform to reach everyone, everywhere. You need Centralpoint Centralpoint empowers you with an ecosystem , or wheel , putting you at the ...

  • DITA- Bringing Documents Back to Life

    By Samuel Keller  |   9/16/2015

    Charles Darwin was right....everything does relate to everything else. DITA or Darwin Information Type Architecture empowers you to manage your information like the living, breathing organism it is. This means one updated diagram ...

  • You need more than a just a CMS or Portal

    By Samuel Keller  |   8/19/2015

    You need more than simply a content management system or portal....you need an omni-channel platform to reach everyone, everywhere. You need Centralpoint You need a platform capable of reaching all members, regardless of their rol...

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