Maintenance & Support

Whether we build and host your project, or empower you deploy and manage multiple portals, you need support. Each support agreement is different, based on what type of support you need. We support client's with cutting edge development teams, managing multiple complex web projects, and hosted solutions for the less savvy clients. Oxcyon will develop a support plan, custom to your needs, so that once your project is launched, we keep you properly supported. Support includes anything from support of any Centralpoint Master Server, you might have on premise, Evergreen Updates, or Version History and training of each new release. 

First, Centralpoint is updated bi weekly (even if you host) to make sure you are always up to date, with the latest available tools. Second, we provide you continued support as part of your maintenance agreement, which gives you access to our production management team, M-F, 8am-6pm (Standard Support). At Oxcyon, support continues for the duration of our agreement with you, including EVERGREEN UPDATES, SDK, and On Going Training.   

Developer Support

Oxcyon can provide support to your development team to grant them control over customizing Centralpoint anyway they need. Oxcyon provides a SDK, Class Library and even database diagrams on request. In addition, Oxcyon provides your development team custom training based on what they are developing internally. At Oxcyon, we want your developers to receive expert level training, so that they are free to develop as they need, without our involvement. We do see ourselves as a trusted ally with your own local development, and maintenance a partnership with your team, due to our Evergreen Updates. Additionally, we learn a lot from your developers, and always walk away with either a great idea for future development, or pick up a few pointers from each of them. 

Oxcyon works cooperatively with your development team toward integration with their other back office initiatives. Whether Centralpoint is authenticating against your AD/LDAP, or your team is passing us credentials through a web service, we are able to cooperatively manage the User Experience, whether it be 'in' Centralpoint, or in another application, via Centralpoint-To-Go. Web services and APIs can be exposed, as needed, on a a per client basis. For more on examples of SOAP and RESTful Web Services, be sure to visit our SDK.

Hosting: On-Premise or SaaS

Centralpoint can be installed on premise, in the Cloud and even a hybrid (or Private) Cloud. Oxcyon can provide you with managed services for Dedicated Hosting or Cloud hosting, including Security services. Your organization may even have multiple instances of Centralpoint installed in the cloud and one premise (maybe used for your Intranet). For those clients interested in a managed SaaS hosted solution, we can provide it. For clients who want to install Centralpoint on premise (even behind the firewall) that is okay too. Oxcyon is pleased to be able to keep all of our clients up to date, Oxcyon maintains a strategic alliance with Rackspace (who has recently purchased DataPipe) to provide you all of the Compliant hosting services you need (HIPAA, PCI, and more). Oxcyon, through our partnership with Rackspace, will keep you environment up to date, via our bi weekly Evergreen Updates. This guarantees that your enterprise never become obsolete, inheriting rich updates every two weeks (virtually). The updates we provide are options, which you can activate and use after testing locally. Regardless of where you decide to host Centalpoint requires a Microsoft Windows Operating System and Microsoft SQL (Standard or Enterprise).  


Centralpoint can be installed on premise (within your environment), hosted for you by Oxcyon, or in the Cloud (including Hybrid cloud). No matter where you host, you are guaranteed to never become obsolete due to our unique, evergreen updates. These (pull) updates, provide you with the latest, greatest version of Centralpoint at all times, including all of our out of the box modules, which we release bi-weekly. Click to see our timeline of updates to see why this really is a Stream of Enhancements. 

Evergreen Updates

Centralpoint is the only ECM to provide evergreen updates . These bi-weekly pull updates guarantee each client is working with the latest release. This unique feature eliminates obsolescence and gives us a competitive edge against our competition.  Think about can you install other solutions and expect for it to remain relevant in the future without these updates? Centralpoint is the last web technology you will ever need to invest in, because it always stays up to date, regardless of where you host.  Centralpoint's evergreen updates are PULL updates (which means they pull from Oxcyon every two weeks) regardless of where you host; on premise, behind a firewall or in the cloud.

Centralpoint's updates do not interfere with your local custom development. Your local work is segregated from our updates, so that we can both do our jobs; keep you abreast of the latest technology, and respect what you need to do locally. New features and options can be used at no additional cost, when and if you need to. We are proud to be a vendor who leads our clients, introducing new features they may never have thought of. How do we define new features? From our clients...something we call Voice of Customer, which guides our R&D. Think of our updates as an ever growing menu of functions you need to be competitive in the changing digital landscape. Oxcyon's role is to provide you the best digital tools available at all times. It is up to you, when you decide to turn them on and use them, but they should always be evolving as technology changes. The only constant (in technology and in life) is change. It is time to stop being surprised by change.....anticipate the surprise with a forward thinking digital strategy and ally to keep you ahead of the rest. Eliminate obsolescence.

Have a good idea for a new module or function? Let us know, we would love to hear about it. You might find it in one of our future updates.

Release (Version) Updates

Please be sure to see our TIMELINE of Version Updates, or VERSION HISTORY including notes of each update. Centralpoint has been updated bi weekly, for 15 years, representing the most robust Module Gallery of any vendor in the industry. This Evergreen Update also gives us a competitive edge, as all of our clients (over the years) are all kept up to date with the latest releases, even if they host on premise. 

Server Requirements & Installation

Centralpoint requires a Windows server, either 2008, 2012, 2014, or 2016. Additionally, you will require Microsoft SQL 2008, 2012, 2014 or 2016. Please find below links to documents that outline the Server Requirements for Centralpoint. Centralpoint can be installed in many different configurations ranging from same server, separate servers (for database vs. web application) including full support of Virtual VMWare, Clustering, Disaster Recovery. Centralpoint is coded in Microsoft C#, and currently utilizes the .NET (4.6) Framework. It is possible to deploy MVC, Ajax or Angular instances of Centralpoint, leveraging our Web API.

Centralpoint can be deployed on premise (within your environment) or in the cloud. Centralpoint uniquely leverages evergreen updates so that regardless of where you are hosted, you continue to receive new updates and enhancements (a pull update) every two weeks. These updates represent new options (which are pulled down with a default setting of off). It is up to you, when you want to turn them on and use them, but it allows for your digital strategy to inherit the latest changes from Oxcyon automatically. You are welcome to opt out of these updates, but if you look at our timeline over the past 16 years, you will see why you might want them. Centralpoint eliminates the 
obsolescence of our competitors (who want to re sell you their technology every few years). With Oxcyon, it is the last ECM/Portal technology you may ever invest in.

NOTE: These are merely minimum server requirements and Centralpoint can conform to your virtual or maximum configuration. Centralpoint can be installed in a variety of custom configurations, not found in the minimum requirements. If you have any questions regarding custom configurations, please contact us. Please find these downloads available for: Centralpoint Installation for Windows 2008 R2.pdf  Oxcyon-Server-Requirements-for-Centralpoint-NET-7.pdfOxcyon_Centralpoint_Example_Cluster_Diagram_Environment_Setup.pdf

On-Going Training

Oxcyon believes in a "Train the Trainer" approach. This means we train your key stakeholders, and record our training sessions to make it easy for you to train others.  Training can be basic training of how to enter content into your site, or training your local development team how to build a new suite of tools within Centralpoint. Oxcyon's objective is to provide you with enough training and know-how that you can do anything yourself -- that is, if you want to.  

Based on our intuitive user interface, Centralpoint training is straightforward. It is simple enough to be accomplished via online web conferencing. We also provide online tools for online training. Since Centralpoint was developed for non-technologists and yields a point-and-click, drag-and-drop technology, training is really reduced to only specific Workflow functions of more elaborate tools. If you know how to copy and paste, you already know how to use 80 percent of the tools available within Centralpoint. 

Training is typically customized around each of our client's needs and objectives. The introductory training is the same for all, but you may need to focus in on specific modules -- more so than others -- based on what is most important to your project. Because the verticals we service are varied and disparate, training is subtlety different for each and can focus on just the modules being used. The more modules you use, the more training is required. 

Deep Dive Training Videos

Please be sure to visit our DEEP DIVE Training Videos for your development community

SDK & Class Libary

Be sure to visit the Centralpoint SDK to learn more, or access our Class Library to see how you can build your own classes within Centralpoint

Centralpoint Master Server

The Centralpoint Master is a server which is parent and host to your singular or multiple web projects. The Centralpoint Master can be installed on premise (at your facilities), or wherever you like, and offers an wizard for easy installation. Each project could be very large in it's own right, as a N-Tiered portal or Wheel. The ability to manage not just one portal but multiple is is a very scalable architecture and empowers you with similar control to Sharepoint Portal Services; but with better results. The Centralpoint Master inherits updates (remote as a pull update)  from Oxcyon, even if you host on premise. This process eliminates obsolescence, and guarantees you are never left behind.

Once you download new new modules they can be synchronized (or auto-synched) down to your live project sites, as new options. Once synchronized, you can optionally turn on the features you need for each site. In addition to our updates, Centralpoint Master gives you modular control over your own local development. In this way, new tools you developed can also be synchronized downstream to your multiple web projects, allowing you to maintain a gallery of modular functions, just like we do....or in line with what we do. Be sure to watch the DEEP DIVE Video Tutorial on Centralpoint Master Server

Hosting (Environment) Requirements

Centralpoint requires a Windows environment for installation. That can be on premise, or in the cloud, and at minimum could be a singular server (for both SQL and Centralpoint). The minimum server requirement would be Windows 2008 (Centralpoint supports up to Windows 2016). Microsoft SQL must also be installed (Standard or Enterprise). Typically our clients install Centralpoint and SQL on separate servers, but it is not required. Centralpoint also supports VMware (or virtual installations of your servers). Centralpoint can be installed in multiple configurations, based on your project and your environment(s) and is flexible. 

During installation, Oxcyon provides an installation wizard for your Centralpoint Master. This server interface will typically require its own IP address (and will generally consume an IP address for each (Development, QC, and your live production portal). This means that in addition to the Microsoft environment, you would typically reserve 4 IP addresses for the management of Centralpoint is a staged environment but is not required.