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Maintenance & Support

Whether we're building and hosting your project or enabling you to manage multiple portals, you can count on our support. Each support agreement is tailored to your specific needs. We assist clients with advanced Development teams, handling complex web projects, and providing hosted solutions for less experienced clients. Oxcyon creates a custom support plan to ensure ongoing assistance after your project launch. Our support covers a range of services, including supporting any on-premise Centralpoint Master Server, Evergreen Updates, Version History, and training for each new release.

Centralpoint is updated biweekly to ensure you have the latest tools, regardless of hosting. Our maintenance agreement offers continuous support, granting access to our production management team from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm (Standard Support). Oxcyon provides support throughout our agreement, including Evergreen Updates, SDK access, and ongoing training.   

Developer Support

Oxcyon supports your development team by granting them full customization control over Centralpoint. We offer an SDK, Class Library, and database diagrams upon request. Additionally, we provide tailored training for your team based on their internal development requirements. Our goal is to ensure your developers receive high-level expertise so they can work independently, minimizing our intervention. We view ourselves as a trusted ally, maintaining a partnership through our Evergreen Updates. We also learn from your developers, gaining valuable insights and ideas for future development.

Oxcyon collaborates closely with your development team to integrate with their back-office initiatives. Whether it's authenticating against your AD/LDAP or exchanging credentials through a web service, we manage the User Experience cohesively. This applies within Centralpoint or even in other applications via Centralpoint-To-Go. We can expose web services and APIs on a per-client basis, including examples of SOAP and RESTful Web Services in our SDK.

Hosting: On-Premise or SaaS

Centralpoint is versatile in its installation options: on-premise, in the Cloud, or through hybrid, FedRAMP-compliant, and Private Cloud configurations. It's compatible with Azure, AWS, Google, and other platforms. For managed cloud hosting, Rackspace is the typical choice, although we can support AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud environments. Oxcyon offers managed services for Dedicated and Cloud hosting, including Security services. Your organization might have instances of Centralpoint both in the cloud and on-premise (e.g., for an Intranet). We provide managed SaaS hosted solutions or on-premise installations, even behind firewalls.

Oxcyon ensures all clients are up-to-date through our alliance with Rackspace, which recently acquired DataPipe. This partnership offers Compliant hosting services (HIPAA, PCI, etc.). Our bi-weekly Evergreen Updates, facilitated by the Rackspace partnership, maintain your environment's relevance. These updates are optional, testable locally before activation. Regardless of your hosting choice, Centralpoint requires a Microsoft Windows Operating System and Microsoft SQL (Standard or Enterprise).


Centralpoint can be installed on premise (within your environment), hosted for you by Oxcyon, or in the Cloud (including Hybrid cloud). No matter where you host, you are guaranteed to never become obsolete due to our unique, evergreen updates. These (pull) updates, provide you with the latest, greatest version of Centralpoint at all times, including all of our out of the box modules, which we release bi-weekly. Click to see our timeline of updates to see why this really is a Stream of Enhancements. 

Please see our Technical Documentation & Certifications regarding On Promise or Cloud Hosting. 

Evergreen Updates

Centralpoint stands out as the exclusive ECM offering evergreen updates, ensuring bi-weekly pulls of the latest release for each client. This distinctive feature nullifies obsolescence and confers a competitive edge over rivals. Consider this: How can you install other solutions and expect their relevance without such updates? Centralpoint obviates the need for further investments in web technology; it always remains current, regardless of hosting location.

These evergreen updates are PULL updates, sourced from Oxcyon every two weeks, be it on premise, behind a firewall, or in the cloud. Importantly, our updates don't disrupt local custom development. Your work remains separate from our updates, allowing both to progress efficiently. New features and options are available at no extra cost, utilized as needed. We take pride in leading clients by introducing novel features sourced from their insights — the Voice of Customer — guiding our R&D. These updates mirror an expanding toolkit for competitiveness in the evolving digital realm. Our role is to consistently provide you the finest digital tools. Their activation timing rests with you, but they should evolve with changing technology.

Change is constant, in technology and life. Embrace this truth with a forward-thinking digital strategy and partnership that keeps you ahead. Bid farewell to obsolescence.

Have innovative module or function ideas? Share them; they might feature in future updates.

Latest Releases

Be sure to explore our comprehensive version history, spanning two decades, showcasing the evolution of knowledge capital. This impressive lineage is the backbone of Centralpoint's extensive Module Gallery, rendering it the ultimate resource for potent, market-ready solutions. Our exclusive Evergreen updates obliterate obsolescence while fostering organic research and development, driven by the Voice of Customer (VOC).

As our client community expands, so does the influx of valuable ideas, enriching our continuous improvement journey. We encourage you to delve into our Stream of Enhancements, witnessing the progression of updates that we offer. Here's a glimpse into the last 20 updates to Centralpoint:

Centralpoint Update 8.11.83
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Admin > Properties > Site Search AutoComplete > Is highlighting search criteria in results?The autocomplete supports a new attribute named "Is highlighting search criteria in results?". Enabling this feature will highlight text within each search result that is part of the search criteria from the text input. This requires CSS in the page for the highlighting to render and example CSS is provided in the header text of the attribute. Please read the instruction in the header text for further instruction.
Admin > Properties > Site Search AutoComplete > Has Content in Results?The autocomplete supports a new attribute named "Has Content in Results?". This allows each result to return text from the Search Keywords attribute which displays under the Title. This feature uses a snippeting method to return a portion of the content where search criteria is found in the value. There are several additional properties available when this is enabled to control the amount of text returned. One of the attributes available when this is enabled is named "Action HTML" which is intended to render an action icon next to each result. Please read the instructions found on the header text for details.
Admin > Properties > Site Search AutoComplete > Maximum ResultsThe autocomplete supports a new attribute named "Maximum Results" which allows console admins to adjust the maximum number of results returned per search.
Script Generator > Algolia AutoCompleteA new attribute labeled "Title anchor tag has title attribute?" is available. Set this to "Yes" to set the title attribute in the HTML tag of the linked title. This creates a tooltip that renders the record title when a user hovers over the link.
Script Generator > Algolia AutoCompleteA new attribute labeled "Action Button Title Attribute" is available. This allows console admins to customize the title attribute on the arrow icon to the right of each result, which is the text rendered to users as they hover over the icon.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.82
Monday, May 13, 2024
Admin > Properties > Aspose File Name MethodA new site property named "Aspose File Name Method" is available. This is used for files extracted from Word documents for HTML purposes with Aspose.Words. The default method may present issues with browser cache or when files are moved from one site to another. Using the hashed method will prevent these problems due to unique names per file.
Form Workflow SystemPagethis page will let you load the form and populate fields using a fid query string.
Script Generator > Algolia AutoCompleteA new attribute labeled "Description Has Results Url?" is available. By default, when the description within results is clicked, it sends users to the Search URL. Set this to Yes to have the description share the same URL has the results link; which by default is the Details View URL of the record.
Web API > Upsert Data From Site on Same ServerA new system API is available that is intended for use between two sites on the same server that are supposed to be the same. The most common use case would be for a Staging site that moves data to a Production site. The API will move Attributes data from records and also files referenced within the data. The API searches the document content for files referenced in the /Uploads/ directory and the system's resources module, /Resource.ashx. It will only move files found within the records sent in the request. There is detailed documentation on API parameters when setting up a Web API record that uses this new method.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.81
Monday, April 29, 2024
Data Sources: Excel File OutputThe page generating excel files will now write detailed messages when setup problems are encountered. Prior to this update, only a blank page rendered when an excel file could not be generated. This will assist with preventing and resolving issues quickly if encountered in a site.
FormConditionBuilder CpScriptUpdated to render drop down list boxes for Taxonomy, Audiences, and Roles.
GoogleStaticMaps CpScriptA new GoogleStaticMaps CpScript is available that integrates with Google's Static Maps API. This returns static images of maps using address values from the Centralpoint database. Please read the script builder help file for instruction and setup assistance.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.80
Monday, April 15, 2024
Data Transfer > Searches (Destination Type)A method has been written that allows Data Transfer to write to the cpsys_Searches tables. The cpsys_Searches.Criteria has increased to NVARCHAR(1024) and a new TINYINT column cpsys_Searches.Type has been added. The purpose of this enhancement is for sites with custom pages that require specific reporting and do not automatically write to cpsys_Searches. The system manages these tables from default system search pages, so please consult with your Oxcyon point of contact before using this tool.
FormCondtionBuilder CpScriptThis new script generates SQL which can be processed into any module that accepts it. SQL should be written or reviewed by qualified professionals. This dynamically generated SQL may not perform well and could cause problems for the entire site or even other sites on the same server.
Scheduled Tasks > Most Popular In Data CurrentA new system table named cpsys_MostPopularInDataCurrent will be released to website databases, along with a scheduled task from the master application to manage this table. The purpose of this is for console admins to be able to produce efficient queries with cpsys_MostPopularInDataCurrent for UIs that need to render "Most Popular" content; which is content most viewed via cpsys_ClicksLog or cpsys_Leads.
Admin > Hospital Price TransparencyThis module has been extended to support dynamic /sitemap.xml files per domain.  The XML file will render different content per domain based on the records setup in this module.  "Hospital Price Transparency" files was the first problem use-case this module addressed. If using this module for multiple purposes or only /sitemap.xml files, it is recommended to alias the module accordingly within the console. The system name for this module is "Routing Handlers".  Please read the help file prior to using this module as it requires a change to the site's web.config file.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.79
Monday, April 1, 2024
GenericEnhanced > Module Properties > Document Content Attributes: Remove Non-Letter Prefixes From Headings?This feature has been extended to optionally allow headings to keep the non-letter prefix if it is an integer. If this module property is enabled, a new property labeled "Remove Integer Prefix From Headings?" will be displayed. It has a default selection of "Yes" to maintain backward compatibility. Set this to "No" to allow integer prefixes and another attribute provides the ability to apply the rule to specific heading tags.
CpScript ExtAutoCompleteRedirectA bug was reported and resolved where auto complete suggestions were not returning when search criteria contains an apostrophe.
New Scheduled Task CreateResourceFromZipFileThis task will look for a zip file in a specified directory unzip the file and create a new resource from each file inside of the zip folder.
CpScript FileReadAllTextAn issue was reported where this script returns an error stating "Invalid font name". This means the PDF contains a font that is not installed on the server PC's operating system. The method has been extended to handle this error and extract text from the PDF in this problem case.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.78
Monday, March 18, 2024
CpControl TaxonomySelectorA new property named "OnlyShowChildTaxonomies" is supported. This is used to restrict menu items to only children of the selected parent taxonomy. By default, the menu shows all descendants of the parent taxonomy. Please see the help file for setup assistance.
Admin > Properties > AjaxSiteSearchDataTablesResultsPerformance issues were reported when this feature is enabled. The CpScript required to use this feature SystemPageAjaxDataTableSearchButton and all of its dependencies have been rewritten to resolve the performance issues. This update does not require console configuration changes.
DataTransfer > Taxonomy Script.Added pipe as a delimiter. This will parce taxonomy values in the column if values are separated by a pipe. Will parce French|Russian, Korean | Japanese in addition to previously parsed comma-separated values like English, Spanish or Turkish,Polish
Authentication Sources > Module Property > Authentication Failed Error MessageAdd module property to AuthenticationSources(Global Login) module. this property lets you update an error message the user sees when Authentication returns the error.
Data Transfer > Error Notification Add the ability to set Error Notification Email and create a report of successful or failed runs of the data transfers
CpEditor > Media ManagerThe media manager icon that uploads files to /Uploads/Public/Media/ now allows .vtt file extensions.
Admin > Properties > Aspose: Word Documents Extract Embedded Objects?.xlsm file extensions will now be extracted when this site property is enabled. The request for this enhancement was for .csv files to be extracted.  However, when a .csv file is inserted into Word, it's actually being opened and displayed by Excel, and is embedded as an .xlsm file within Word. The following is the full list of supported extensions: .xml, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .zip, .yaml, .tar, .json, .xlsm. The embedded file types within Word documents are extracted automatically when using this feature.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.77
Monday, March 4, 2024
CpScript FileViewerThe system now has an in-house Excel Viewer page which can be accessed through this CpScript. The CpScript now has a "Viewer Types" property that includes Excel as an option. This new property is required for the script to begin outputting links to the Excel Viewer. Please use the CpScript Builder help file when setting this up.
Master > Content > Scheduled TasksA beta forecasting view can be accessed by clicking on the clock icon next to the new button on the grid view. It estimates and displays the execution times and durations of all tasks for the next month.
Data Broadcast download and replaced Base64 images.Add handling of base64 images for data broadcast. Code will download and replace the base64 image with a locally downloaded copy of the image
CpScript DataUpdateStartDateThis script has access to the Data Update Start Date Attribute.
CpScript ExtTextInputSearchableHtmlA new property named ClearInputHtml is available. Using this property will render a control after the text input that will clear the input value.
CpScript FontAwesomeCentralpoint is now integrated with the free version of FontAwesome Web Fonts (Version 6). This script will register FontAwesome files into the site. Do not use this script if the site is running on a paid version like Pro or Pro Max. If the site has a free version implemented, you will need to remove the file references before using this CpScript to prevent conflicts. The Centralpoint integration begins with FontAwesome Version 6 and we intend to update our integration upon new major releases; the next being Version 7.
Select Resource in Resource Upload There is a new Resource Upload View List Site Property. This property controls the visibility of the "View List" button within the Resource upload window. When you click on the button, users can access a filtered view of existing resources. Authenticated users will see resources filtered according to their assigned roles. For those not authenticated, the view will display resources accessible to everyone and the public, for ancestor admins there is no filter. In this new view, we only support the selection of the resource it doesn't have all the functionality of a similar view in the client console.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.76
Monday, February 19, 2024
Sequential IDsAll references to Guid.NewGuid() have been replaced with a new method that generates a GUID in a similar manner to NEWSEQUENTIALID() to improve the performance of system wide database inserts. This will result in IDs that are more predictable and sequential.
Data Transform > Data TriggersResolve an issue with conversion of dates from UTC on the log tab.
Admin > Natural Language SearchAn issue with remote index deletes has been resolved. In some cases, this issue led to missing updates because the items to be deleted were stuck in the queue.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.75
Monday, February 5, 2024
CpScript ColumnAudiencesThis CpScript is used to return Audience data from records in results views. At this time only names are supported. The audiences returned can be filtered based on whether the result uses the Audience for website or console filtration.
Data Transform > Data TriggersDesigned to automate actions in response to specified events occurring within selected modules.
Console Utilities > NLS User TokenThis utility converts userToken property values from Algolia Events to a UserId or enter a UserId to convert to the token.
Module Properties > Content Block ExtractorA new module property named "Content Block Extractor Headings" is available. The tool was released to search for the following heading tags: <h1>, <h2>, <h3>. This module property supports heading tags from h1 through h6 and allows console admins to select the headings they want to search for to create split content.
Tools > NLS Queue DeletionsThis is a new console utility that will find all data in the NLS indexes that does not exist in the Centralpoint database and queue this data for removal. A Natural Language Search scheduled task is required to execute after to complete the removal from the NLS data storage.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.74
Monday, January 22, 2024
Master > Scheduled Tasks > Data ArchiveThis update applies to sites using the Admin > Natural Language Search module. When records are archived from the Data Archive scheduled task, records that exist in an NLS index will be queued for removal. A Natural Language Search scheduled task is required to execute after to complete the removal from the NLS data storage. This update is automatic and does not require any configuration changes.
Admin > Hospital Price TransparencyA new module is available to satisfy the hospital price transparency requirement for public facing hospital sites. This module provides a solution by loading a /cms-hpt.txt file from any domain hosted by the Centralpoint application. The text file will render different content per domain based on the records setup in this module. Please read the help file prior to using this module as it requires a change to the site's web.config file.
CpControl DateSelectorThis CpScript was designed for the Calendar View on Events modules. The Script Builder help file now has an option labeled: Is Excluding Months Without Events?. Set this to "Yes" to remove months that do not have events.
Script Generator > Algolia AutocompleteThe plugin now supports a custom JavaScript callback function to manipulate the URL when results are selected. The function documentation is in the Custom Scripts attribute of these records.
CpScript ReverseHyperLinkThe ReverseHyperLink script now supports a new property named InsertObjectIdElement. This is used for content stored in a Natural Language Search index. The ObjectId element allows the page to load at the position of the element with a #oid fragment identifier on the URL.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.73
Monday, January 8, 2024
Remove Microsoft Word Meta DataRemove Word System Property in the following scripts. FileAction, FileDownload, CreateResorce
Search all ModulesAbility to enable a full-text index on cpsys_DataCurrent table to optimize the search of all modules.
Admin > Properties > ExtDatePicker: Is Focus Maintained After Calendar Used?The ExtDatePicker CpScript is bound to the jQuery UI datepicker plugin. The plugin's native settings cause the text input to lose focus when the calendar is used to set the input value. Setting this property to "Yes" will focus back into the text input after the calendar is used. This allows users to maintain their input position and continue tabbing through form elements to improve accessibility. This setting is global and applied to every ExtDatePicker CpScript in the site.
CpScript CurrentDateThis CpScript has been updated to support execution within AJAX modules.
Script Generator > Algolia AutocompleteThis script now supports Custom Filter attributes. This feature appends the custom filter to the Algolia Autocomplete results. Filters are not applied to query suggestions.
Admin > Properties > Telerik Editor SkinThis site property allows console admins to change the Telerik Editor's skin on the front-end of the website for editor controls rendered through the FormEditor CpScript.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.72
Monday, December 11, 2023
ColumnFriendlyUrl CpScriptThis script now supports multiple modules by excluding the SystemName parameter. It is much more efficient when the SystemName is provided.
CpScript ToUnixTimeStampThis CpScript returns the current date or current Utc date formatted as a UnixTime.
Data Transfer Access DestinationAdd support to generate destination table in Access database.
Admin > Natural Language SearchThe oid query string variable now supports #oid to jump you to that location in the body of the page. The Algolia source also now supports Insights. Objects clicked after a search are automatically recorded when the oid and pos query string variables are present, and object views on details views are automatically recorded when Natural Language Search is enabled in the Results View of the module designer.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.71
Monday, November 13, 2023
Design > Script Generator > Algolia AutocompleteA new script was added to leverage Algolia Autocomplete and query suggestions.
Design > Styles > Misc (tab)The Misc tab contains attributes designed to style HTML output from the ExtTable CpScript. The attributes are prefixed with "ExtTable" and have options for fonts and colors. These attributes do not apply changes automatically and require CSS rules in the site that use DesignInfo scripts that retrieve the attribute values.
CpScript ModulePageInfoThis CpScript returns information relating to the current module page. The following properties are supported: LoweredViewType, ModuleId, RelationSystemName, and RelationTableName.
CpScript FileViewerThis CpScript returns a link to in-house online file viewers. At this time the system only supports a Word document viewer for .doc & .docx extensions.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.70
Monday, October 30, 2023
CpScript FormEditorThe Telerik editor is unable to size itself appropriately when loaded on the page within hidden elements. This CpScript has an update to monitor when an editor has this problem and will will resize/repaint the control when the user makes it visible on the page. This will happen automatically and does not require configuration changes.
OfficeDocumentMetaData Data Transfer ScriptThis method retrieved system and custom document properties for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
PdfMetaData Data Transfer ScriptThis method retrieved the FileInfo of the PDF document
Admin > Natural Language SearchAttribute highlighting and snippets are now fully supported by Natural Language Search. You must rebuild and repopulate all existing indexes after installing this version.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.69
Monday, October 2, 2023
CpScript FormZipFileToDirectoryThe FormZipFileToDirectory CpScript adds a preprocessor to the form which targets a different control on the page that is supposed to contain a .zip file. If the targeted control on the page holds a valid .zip file, it will extract the .zip contents into a new sub-directory under \Root\Uploads\FormZipFileToDirectory\. The directory path is set in the FormState when this tool extracts files within a .zip file. Please read the help file to review all functionality and setup assistance.
Education > Certificates ViewThis view has been updated to support Attribute CpScripting. The view is controlled from "Education > Configuration > Certificate (attribute)". Please read the help text on the attribute to render and execute other CpScripts besides the original placeholders scripts.
CpScript FormTaxonomyA new property named "IsTranslating" is supported. When enabled this will attempt to replace the Taxonomy names rendered in the control with a match from the Translations module.
Script Generator > Script > Module ResultsThis script has been updated to execute Natural Language searches. Please read the CpScript help file for documentation and setup assistance.
Admin > Natural Language Search (Split Model)The split model contains a new optional property named "IsMatchRemovedFromValue". If set to true, it will remove the match found with the RegEx Pattern from the attributes.{propName} value stored in the Algolia record. For setup assistance and further details please read the module help file.
Admin > Natural Language Search (Split Model)When records in Algolia are created from the Attribute Splitting model, the text matched from the RegEx Pattern will be stored in an attribute named "CpNlsSplitMatchText". If the RegEx Pattern looks for HTML markup, the HTML is stripped. This will occur by default and does not require changes to the console configuration.
Admin > Natural Language SearchAdded support for NLS searches in Site Architecture > System Pages > Search. Attribute highlighting is now fully supported by Natural Language Search.
Data Transfer SQLite destinationAdd support to generate destination table in SQLite database.
Admin > Properties > Aspose: Word Documents Extract Embedded Objects?.json file extensions will now be extracted when this site property is enabled. The following is the full list of supported extensions: .xml, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .zip, .yaml, .tar, .json. The embedded file types within Word documents are extracted automatically when using this feature.
Aspose IntegrationCentralpoint's integration with Aspose has been upgraded to the current Aspose.Total license. This required changes throughout all Centralpoint code that use Aspose components. If a site contains custom code that uses Aspose there is a risk of it breaking. Please create tickets in Oxcyon's Issue Manager and assign them to the Programming team if a website experiences any issues.
Data Transfer SQLite sourceAdd support to read source files from the SQLite database.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.68
Tuesday, September 5, 2023
Admin > Natural Language SearchAn early and only partially documented release of the new natural language search module. It is has been tested with Algolia and Custom search services. Once indexes have been created and populated it can be set up in Data Sources and Module Designers: Generic, Generic Plus, Generic Enhanced, Template, and Template AJAX. Web site searches (System Pages > Search) will be released next. A new Natural Language Search scheduled task has also been released to keep the remote indexes in sync. Before beginning you must create an Algolia account and configure the Application ID and App Keys in the Natural Language Search module properties. Normal module submissions should be reflected in the remote index within 15 minutes, but larger updates like data transfers occur overnight using the scheduled task.
Procedure Manuals > PoliciesThe Content Block Extractor module property from generic enhanced has been added.
All Generic Enhanced ModulesThe recently released Generate Synonyms module property has been removed. Server-side automation of Office was discovered to cause unpredictable server behavior. If this feature was previously enabled, it will no longer generate synonyms.
Module Configuration > Grid Searchable FieldsThis attribute now allows the grid view to support Roles searches which can be leveraged from PagedListBox controls that use the module view. A listItem tag as shown here is required: <listItem value="Roles:{Name OR RoleId}:{tableName}.DataId">Roles Search</listItem> The parameter variables are shown in {} notation. The search will return records which are assigned to the Roles attribute which manages the system's cpsys_DataCurrentInRoles table.
PdfViewer CpScriptThe DFlip JavaScript plugin that is used with this CpScript has been upgraded from version 1.2.7 to version 1.7.35. This resolved issues with the plugin rendering problematic PDF files.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.67
Monday, August 21, 2023
DataTransfer ShortGuid script. This method takes GUID (DataId or UserId) and generates a Base64 string which is more readable. GUID: c18736de-d8e2-4f8a-8fe8-faf287a90815 Base64 String: 3jaHweLYik-P6Pryh6kIFQ
Module Properties > Resource ContentThe purpose of this feature is to extract the text from files within defined attributes and insert the file text into a system attribute named ResourceContent. This allows the file text to be indexed in the site's Full-Text Index searches. We've found it is common that the same attribute is defined in the "Word Document Content Attributes" module property. When this case occurs, the problem is that the system was extracting the contents of the file twice, inserting the same contents in two attributes, and bloating the Attributes XML. The change made to this feature is that the system will prevent the dupe file text in Resource Content when the same attribute system name is defined in the Document Content Attributes and holds a supported file extension between both methods.
CpScript ColumnSearchCriteriaInValueA new property named IsExecutingCpScripts is supported. When enabled, the following CpScripts found within the content are replaced: AudienceInfo, UserInfo. All other CpScripts will be replaced with an empty string. The supported scripts listed above are safe from creating errors and performance issues. Please use the help file to apply to the site and review additional notes on this feature.
SystemPage Search Suggestions Results scriptSystemPageSearchSuggestionsSearchResults script lets's Admin record a search result based on the URL of the page in the Search Suggestions module

Centralpoint Update 8.11.66
Monday, August 7, 2023
Console Data Transfer Try Abort process in the Pop up In the console Try the Abort link in the Data transfer Pop up to Abort Data Transfer Process
CpScript FormAutoSaveThis method has been rewritten. It should be entirely backward compatible. If there are issues that this behaves differently, please report them immediately to the Oxcyon programming team. Afterwards add the property isLegacyMode="true" to the CpScript to use the old version. The purpose of these changes is to allow console administrators with working JavaScript skills a means to call the web-service a single time without the checkbox. We've identified custom setups with this CpScript that are executing unnecessary database writes.
Module Properties > Content Block ExtractorPerformance enhancements have been made to this feature to only update the source document's blocks when attributes in the block have changed. Additionally, a custom attribute named "IsContentBlockExtractorDisabled" can be added to your module. When a record is submitted with this attribute holding a value of "1", the content block extractor will not execute at all. Detailed instructions on how to add the attribute have been added in the header text of module properties.
CpScript PdfViewerMany errors are recorded from the PDF Handler which is the code that manages this CpScript. The errors are from corrupt files and often state "Incorrect file format" or "This file's format is not supported or you don't specify a correct format.". There is no programmatic solution to resolve these problems. The PDF Handler will now return a valid PDF document in these instances informing the user that there was an error and to notify the website administrator. The PDF will show the path to the problem source file and include the error message.
Search Suggestions Report was createdTo display on the website create Navigation with Page Type = URL. Enter /Pages/SearchSuggestions.aspx into the URL attribute. It will only be available for the administrators.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.65
Monday, July 24, 2023
CpScript ColumnModuleAliasThis CpScript is used to return the module alias. When a module alias does not exist, it will return the system's name from the cpsys_Modules.[Name] table. This script must be executed in a method that evaluates DataTable rows. The table must contain a ModuleId column that contains a GUID/UNIQUEIDENTIFER data type. This script was written to be used in the "Excel" option within "Search Results Output". It will also work in results views or any Data Source that contains a ModuleId column.
Module Properties > Content Block ExtractorThe Content Block Extractor trigger method is creating performance issues in sites when a document contains a significant amount of headings. The system now restricts the amount of records created or updated to 100 by default. If problems persist, console admins may lower this number with a new module property named "Content Block Extractor Max Upserts".
Data Transform > Search Results OutputThis is a new configuration module that is used to convert search results into various file formats. It is currently supported at System Pages > Search (tab) > Search Results Output Controls. This allows users to execute a search and download the search results into the output of the selected configuration record. Please review the help file for more details and setup assistance.
Data Transfer ReadXmlAdd support to read source files from the URL in addition to the file system.

Centralpoint Update 8.11.64
Monday, July 10, 2023
SamlAttribute add support for FormatValuesDataType, emptyValue, removeMarkup,replaceText, replaceWith, ...
New DataTrasfer ReadXml SourceReadXml will convert the XML file into the dataset
DataTransfer ReadXmlTable script. This script will look up values in the related table of the dataset.

For a comprehensive list, please visit our Evergreen Updates section

Server Requirements & Installation

Centralpoint necessitates a Windows server, choosing from options like 2012, 2014, 2016. 2019 Additionally, you'll require Microsoft SQL 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 or 2019. Below are links to documents detailing Centralpoint's Server Requirements. The installation configurations span same server setups, separate servers for database and web application (including Virtual VMWare, Clustering, Disaster Recovery support). It's built using Microsoft C# and operates on the .NET (4.6) Framework. Centralpoint offers deployment possibilities including MVC, Ajax, or Angular instances through our Web API.

Centralpoint can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Our distinct evergreen updates ensure consistent new updates and enhancements, regardless of your hosting choice. These updates, available every two weeks, introduce new options (initially set to off), giving you the discretion to activate and use them. Your digital strategy automatically absorbs the latest changes from Oxcyon, or you can opt out. Examining our 16-year timeline showcases the value of these updates. Centralpoint counters obsolescence present in competitors' offerings that demand repeated technology purchases. Oxcyon offers the possibility that it's the last ECM/Portal technology you'll need to invest in.

For comprehensive information on either On-Premise or Cloud-based hosting, refer to our Technical Documentation & Certifications.

On-Going Training

Oxcyon advocates a Train the Trainer approach, which involves educating your essential stakeholders while recording these training sessions for effortless knowledge dissemination. Our training covers a spectrum, from fundamental content entry into your site to empowering your local development team to construct new tools within Centralpoint. Our aim is to equip you with ample training and expertise to accomplish tasks independently, if desired.

Given our user-friendly interface, Centralpoint training is streamlined, facilitated via online web conferences and supported by online training tools. Centralpoint, designed for non-technologists, employs a point-and-click, drag-and-drop technology, rendering training focused primarily on specific Workflow functions within more intricate tools. If you're familiar with copy-pasting, you're already acquainted with 80 percent of Centralpoint's tools.

Training is tailored to each client's needs and goals. While introductory training is universal, the focus may shift towards certain modules based on your project's priorities. Our service spans diverse verticals, resulting in nuanced training for each, often concentrating on specific modules in use. The breadth of training correlates with the number of modules utilized; the more you employ, the more training becomes pertinent. 

Deep Dive Training Videos

Centralpoint Virtual Assistant Centralpoint Virtual Assistant
Make your knowledge available to multiple web based applications. Centralpoint's Virtual Assistant allows you to easily apply a live guide to other (or external) web based tools like CRM, Ticket Management Systems, Call Center systems, and even your partners, dealers or resellers. This assistant is added to those sites with a singular line of ja...
Centralpoint Custom Module Development Centralpoint Custom Module Development
Centralpoint facilitates local development, empowering users to craft custom code through MyModules. It also simplifies the creation and customization of content modules within your enterprise. Without requiring access to the server, Visual Studio, or the root directory, you can effortlessly configure necessary fields via Module Configuration. Y...
Data Governance & Cleaning - Automate Metadata & Security Enrichment Data Governance & Cleaning - Automate Metadata & Security Enrichment
Centralpoint's Data Cleaner (otherwise known as Data Goverrnance) collaborates seamlessly with Centralpoint's Data Transfer utility, automating metadata and Taxonomy assignment for your content. This empowers the transformation of any information that lacks proper metadata. Regardless of the information type—r...
Centralpoint Enterprise Search Centralpoint Enterprise Search
Centralpoint can be installed On Premise or in the Cloud, to index, ingest data from disparate silos on a scheduled basis via it's Data Transfer routines. Centralpoint can act as a search appliance indexing or ingesting siloed data to aggregate inf...
Centralpoint Full Tutorial on Data Transformation - Part II (1 Hour) Centralpoint Full Tutorial on Data Transformation - Part II (1 Hour)
This is an extended training tutorial on Centralpoint's Data Transformation module suite, including its Data Cleaning feature to auto apply metadata. The duration of this video is one hour.
Centralpoint Full Tutorial on Data Transformation - Part I Centralpoint Full Tutorial on Data Transformation - Part I
This is an extended training tutorial on Centralpoint's Data Transformation module suite, including its Data Cleaning feature to auto apply metadata. The duration of this video is one hour.
Centralpoint Retention Policy Management Centralpoint Retention Policy Management
Automate document retention policies using Centralpoint. It equips you with user-friendly tools for defining diverse retention policies, incorporating custom filters, queries, and start/end dates. Centralpoint also manages storage repository data, connecting to File Folders, SQL, Oracle, IBM, and third-party providers like Workday, Citibank, and...
Centralpoint Tableau Integration Centralpoint Tableau Integration
Centralpoint integrates directly with Tableau, allowing personalization through our Global Login tools (SAML, Active Directory, oAuth, OpenID) to serve rich Tableau reporting to each user uniquely. This means one tableau report against all users, wherein the data filtered (through the tableau chart) considers the user's security roles. It also a...
Centralpoint Knowledge Management Centralpoint Knowledge Management
To ensure secure Knowledge Management tailored to each user, the right Architecture is vital. Centralpoint, developed in 2000 and updated over 20 years, prioritizes scalability. Its unique ability lies in granular tagging of records, cascading across your business's channels, taxonomical categories, and individual users based on roles.

Centralpoint Health Monitor Centralpoint Health Monitor
Centralpoint Health Monitor is a comprehensive set of tools available on the Centralpoint (Master) Server. These tools provide insights into the performance of any individual or group of sites (or portals) within your environment, whether hosted on-premise or through Oxcyon's managed hosting services.

Centralpoint Health Monitor tracks...
Centralpoint (Multi-Tier) Taxonomy Pre-Import Tools Centralpoint (Multi-Tier) Taxonomy Pre-Import Tools
This tool, found under both Import Utilities and Tools (within the client console) is a powerful way to convert your data into multi tiered taxonomy, which will ready your records for import. It was designed to assist Oxcyon staff (initially) when receiving large sets of client data, which needed to have a taxonomy built 'around it'. In this vid...
Planning your Overall Digital Experience Strategy with Centralpoint Planning your Overall Digital Experience Strategy with Centralpoint
A 45 minute video to help your team plan and prepare your Centralpoint Enterprise Information Management ahead of your kick off meeting with Oxcyon. In this video, we discuss information management, governance, and how to maximize the re-usability of your content through your many channels. this video will help you see your enterprise (big pictu...
Centralpoint for Big Data Centralpoint for Big Data
Centralpoint is used for more than omnichannel public and private enterprises. Centralpoint is also used to harness big and disparate data, empowering you with rich UI/UX to serve each and every one of your users uniquely, based on their Audiences and Roles 
Centralpoint Drag-and-Drop Designer & Toolbox Centralpoint Drag-and-Drop Designer & Toolbox
Centralpoint supports agile development through it's Toolbox. The Centralpoint toolbox empowers users to call on any feature needed, and drag and drop it on to the page for use. These items could be form fields, or functions like Google Maps, Proximity Searches, Printer Friendly Icons, Related Content, anything. In this way, Centralpoint provide...
Centralpoint Natural Language Search Centralpoint Natural Language Search
Centralpoint supports Natural Language Search or NLS. It empower your users to find the right answer to any question faster than any other platform. It does this in part because of Data Transfer and Data Mining, going beyond fully indexing your content, and enriching your metadata, misspellings, buzzwords used in your industry and synonyms of wh...
Centralpoint eCommerce Catalog Centralpoint eCommerce Catalog
The Centralpoint ecommerce catalog features products including the variation of each product (Size, Style, Color), so that users may shop the catalog, add items to their cart and check out in a PCI compliant manner. Centralpoint eCommerce catalog has been integrated with PayPal, Authorize.Net, Bank of America, Worldpay and others to ensure seaml...
Centralpoint AI Assistant (Interstitials) Centralpoint AI Assistant (Interstitials)
Your organization's AI is distinctive and tailored to your specific needs; it's not an off-the-shelf solution. What you require is a framework that enables you to deliver the right information to your users precisely when they need it. With Centralpoint AI Assistant, you can place knowledge at your users' fingertips even while they are using oth...
Centralpoint Web API Centralpoint Web API
Centralpoint offers robust support for RESTful Web Services, bolstered by encryption through our Web API. The Centralpoint Web API is an interactive module designed for both creating and consuming Web Services. RESTful Web Services, a form of interoperability between computer syste...
Centralpoint for Digital Signage Centralpoint for Digital Signage
Today's TV monitors and kiosks are wifi enabled. This means that you can treat any monitor as a channel to broadcast information. Whether it be Emergency Room wait times, Cafeteria menus, calendars, or even live Tableau or BI reporting (to the conference room monitor for the board), Centralpoint can help you. Here, Centralpoint treats each of yo...
Centralpoint Email Portal Centralpoint Email Portal
The average knowledge (office) worker uses it 13 hours a week, or 650 hours a year (assuming two weeks’ vacation),1 and yet email technology hasn’t changed much in the 20 years it’s been around—until now, with the introductio...
Centralpoint SAML 2.0 Deep Links Centralpoint SAML 2.0 Deep Links
Centralpoint supports SAML 2.0 to support Deep links for authorized users who are logged in. You will find the Deep Links module under the Admin section of your client console. SAML 2.0 empowers you to broker authentication of your logged in members, so they may access other SAML 2.0 compliant applications with a single click (eliminating the re...
Centralpoint Data Enrichment Centralpoint Data Enrichment
Centralpoint's Data Cleaner (otherwise known as Data Goverrnance) collaborates seamlessly with Centralpoint's Data Transfer utility, automating metadata and Taxonomy assignment for your content. This empowers the transformation of any information that lacks proper metadata. Regardless of the information type—r...
Centralpoint In-line Visual Editor Centralpoint In-line Visual Editor
Centralpoint's in line Edit View, empowers its users to easily view and manage any element which is serving to the page they are on. This feature is only available to administrators of the Client Console, and demystifies each page, explaining where everything is, and how to access it within one click. When you click on the items found on the pag...
Centralpoint Site Wizard Centralpoint Site Wizard
The Centralpoint Site Wizard empowers you to deploy new stand alone websites (public or private) within your enterprise. The Centralpoint Site Wizard steps you through needed steps to select the appropriate design, and empower administrators over them to contribute content to the enterprise. The site wizard allows you to leverage existing styles...
Centralpoint Staging (Quality Control) Portal Centralpoint Staging (Quality Control) Portal
The Centralpoint MASTER ENTERPRISE Server is the parent to your entire enteprise. Whether this means a singular portal, or multiple, the Centralpoint master gives you full control to easily deploy and manage your entire enterprise, including the scheduled tasks needed to automate daily maintenance routines. 
Centralpoint Multi Tenancy Centralpoint Multi Tenancy
The Centralpoint MASTER ENTERPRISE Server is the parent to your entire enteprise. Whether this means a singular portal, or multiple, the Centralpoint master gives you full control to easily deploy and manage your entire enterprise, including the scheduled tasks needed to automate daily maintenance routines. 
Centralpoint Development Portal Centralpoint Development Portal
The Centralpoint MASTER ENTERPRISE Server is the parent to your entire enteprise. Whether this means a singular portal, or multiple, the Centralpoint master gives you full control to easily deploy and manage your entire enterprise, including the scheduled tasks needed to automate daily maintenance routines. 
Centralpoint Master Server Centralpoint Master Server
The Centralpoint MASTER ENTERPRISE Server is the parent to your entire enteprise. Whether this means a singular portal, or multiple, the Centralpoint master gives you full control to easily deploy and manage your entire enterprise, including the scheduled tasks needed to automate daily maintenance routines. 
Centralpoint Forms Wizard Centralpoint Forms Wizard
The forms wizard is a tool for non technical users to create robust electronic forms, including the rules over workflow. This wizard walks you through a step by step questionairre, which, when completed, creates dynamic electronic forms, which allow you to triage incoming requests, trigger alerts during workflow, and even render live reporting o...
Centralpoint Gamification Centralpoint Gamification
Gamification refers to a process of making systems, service and activities more enjoyable. Centralpoint Gamification allows for your users to compete to be most active in their communities. Incentives can be provided to your users (whether it be employees, clients, or partners) to get more involved and compete to be the most active participant. ...
Centralpoint CRM & Issue Management Centralpoint CRM & Issue Management
Centralpoint's Global Login allows for your many sales representatives or customer service agents to log in to access their activity. Whether this be in the form of issue management, or account management, Centralpoint CRM works in unison with other tools in Centralpoint, like Email Broadcasting, Business Intelligence, Alerts, Email and Personal...
Centralpoint Search & Replace Centralpoint Search & Replace
Centralpoint's Search & Replace tool enables you to search and replace content within your site. You can apply specific filters to search and replace only the information you need. This tool is especially helpful in the event of a product or service name change, and it allows for all historical, archived records to be changed, as well.
Centralpoint Integration with CRM Centralpoint Integration with CRM
Centralpoint's Global Login is a (Cross Forest) Single Sign-On tool that allows you to welcome each user in a unique way and grant them control over only certain types of content.  This allows you to authenticate each user to determine their roles, granting the right access to the right records, including...
Centralpoint Module Designer Centralpoint Module Designer
Say good-bye to contacting your local web vendor to make changes to your site. Centralpoint's Module Designer puts the power of layout and functionality in your hands. Non-technologists can now easily change design and functionality of your site, along with the modules that serve it. Module Designer empowers larger enterprise-class clients (thos...
Centralpoint Health Logs Centralpoint Health Logs
Centralpoint's Health Logs provide your users with tools to track their progress over time. Whether they are tracking their calories, their blood sugar, or their travel expenses on a monthly basis, Health Logs enables them to easily record and monitor their progress. This highly versatile set of reports allows you to set up logs for anyone to ch...
Centralpoint Navigation Centralpoint Navigation
Centralpoint's Navigation is an important and essential building block of your enterprise. The Navigation module allows for the creation, deletion, and modification of navigation items, which will be used to render the website navigation. These navigation items can be classified by Audience and Role to&nbs...
Centralpoint Policies and Procedure Manual Centralpoint Policies and Procedure Manual
Centralpoint's Policies & Procedures module streamlines the way organizations manage their policies. This module suite allows you to easily create or update policies, routing them -- via email -- directly to the right administrator for review. Once reviewed and approved, they are automatically released to the site. This way, the parent Proce...
Centralpoint Design Styles Centralpoint Design Styles
Centralpoint Design Styles allow you to maintain your website styles, classified by Audience and Role, to render distinctly designed websites. These styles primarily relate to colors, fonts, images, and other design elements. The global attributes are always available, but the majority of this module's attributes are controlled by the Site ...
Centralpoint Organization Chart or "Wheel" Centralpoint Organization Chart or "Wheel"
Centralpoint's Digital Experience Platform serves as an omnichannel Knowledge Management and content management ecosystem. This universal platform caters to organizations of all sizes and industries. It streamlines information flow from your business through distributors to end users (B2B2C), and reciprocally tracks user actions (C2B2B). It's a ...
Centralpoint Data Sources & Reporting Centralpoint Data Sources & Reporting
Centralpoint Data Sources allow you to display dynamic content anywhere you desire on your site. This tool enables you to speak directly to Centralpoint's database (or others) to determine the type of content you want available, creating mobile content. For example, let's say while users are reading a news article, you want to display all relate...
Centralpoint Digital Asset and DITA Centralpoint Digital Asset and DITA
The Centralpoint Media Manager module is designed to streamline how organizations update and maintain their assets, and then make the newest versions available for download, on request, fresh out of the oven.  Centralpoint's Digital assets Media module enables you to manage your assets separately from your documents, and even allows you to ...
Centralpoint 'MyPortal' or Personalized Portal view  Centralpoint 'MyPortal' or Personalized Portal view
Centralpoint Dashboard Widgets (found under Members)  allow for a personalized portal view for any user, empowering them to configure what data they see from your back office, in a composite (My Portal View). In this way, they can configure what information is important to them, and upon revisiting the portal, they will be shown the latest ...
Centralpoint Learning Management Courses Centralpoint Learning Management Courses
Centralpoint empowers you to build a culture of learning. Course curriculum can serve each user based upon their role(s) and audience(s). Centralpoint will show each user which tests have been completed, which ones are still outstanding and where they rank in the ecosystem of knowledge users via our Gamification tools. 
Centralpoint Global Login SSO Centralpoint Global Login SSO
Centralpoint's Cross-Forest Single Sign-On (SSO) extends support to various authentication methods, including AD (Active Directory), ADS, LDAP, LDAPS, SAML 2.0 (Okta, Ping, Symantec), Windows Authentication, oAuth, and Open ID (Twitter, Salesforce, Google, Facebook), all available right out of the box. This comprehensive support ensures secure a...
Centralpoint Integration with Active Directory and Windows Authentication Centralpoint Integration with Active Directory and Windows Authentication
Centralpoint's Global Login is a Single Sign-On tool that allows you to welcome each user in a unique way and grant them control over only certain types of content. Not only can you manage each user's roles, but you can also manage their entire design and layout experience, based on the role of the user logging in. When a user logs into the site...
Centralpoint Data Sources & Reporting - High Level Centralpoint Data Sources & Reporting - High Level
Centralpoint Data Sources allow you to display dynamic content anywhere you desire on your site. This tool enables you to speak directly to Centralpoint's database (or others) to determine the type of content you want available, creating mobile content. For example, let's say while users are reading a news article, you want to display all relate...
Centralpoint Responsive Design Centralpoint Responsive Design
User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design are critical components of any successful digital project. At Oxcyon, we prioritize creating intuitive, accessible, and visually appealing interfaces that provide seamless experiences across all devices. Our expertise in UX/UI design ensures that each client’s project not only meets but exceeds...
Centralpoint Education Reports Centralpoint Education Reports
Centralpoint Education Reports collect all of the information about your users and their test results, including: who took the test, what time they took the test, what answers were provided, and whether they passed or failed. The only real competitive differentiator today is whether or not an organization can learn faster than their competition....
Centralpoint Education Configuration Centralpoint Education Configuration
Centralpoint's Education Configuration module empowers you to set up as many administrators as you desire to process incoming tests. This module gives you control over who should review incoming tests and what the certificates will look like. It even gives you control over whether or not these tests are taken within a certain time limit and/or h...
Centralpoint Advertising Centralpoint Advertising
Advertising is supporting content that is placed around the site's primary content. These ads can consist of images, flash, video, html, or ad scripts (provided by ad-serving companies). These ads can be controlled to appear within specific zones or areas of the site, only when certain keywords are searched, and can be filtered to appear for onl...
Centralpoint Crosswalks Centralpoint Crosswalks
The Centralpoint Crosswalks tool (typically a script) found within the Module Designer is a great illustration as to why you need a centralized and comprehensive platform to manage your content. Crosswalks provide cross-references to related information within your site, putting all of the information at your fingertips. By leveraging Centralpoi...
Centralpoint Syndication (XML, RSS, Json and other) Centralpoint Syndication (XML, RSS, Json and other)
Centralpoint's RSS and XML Syndication empowers you to distribute your content to anyone you desire. This tool allows administrators to create RSS and Atom feeds, as well as populate XML files with data from Centralpoint modules. This module allows administrators to create filtered results from one module at a time. This tool also allows you to ...
Centralpoint Business Intelligence Centralpoint Business Intelligence
A pivotal aspect of effective digital strategy management involves determining high-interest areas and delivering content to clients in alignment with their preferences. Centralpoint offers the means to shape your content strategy around user inclinations by capturing and reporting almost all aspects of their online interactions with you. This e...
Centralpoint Forms Management Centralpoint Forms Management
Centralpoint Forms Management empowers you to create any web-based form you need and then routes the request through custom workflows (depending on the form) and integrates it (including its approvals) with your back office. Forms encompass everything from e-commerce transactions to day-off requests to posting a web page -- each with its own uni...
Centralpoint Bloggers Centralpoint Bloggers
Bloggers are the authorized blog authors or writers within Centralpoint. They are the ones posting new blog articles to which others may respond. They might be industry experts you invite to write articles for your users, or they might be in-house employees who are thought-leaders. The blogs typically fall under a taxonomy, so that all blog arti...
Centralpoint Taxonomy Centralpoint Taxonomy
Centralpoint's Taxonomy module is responsible for maintaining a hierarchical list of your website's taxonomy, essentially a library that manages all classification types. Taxonomy serves the purpose of categorizing a website's data, and it can be filtered by audience. Every website has a default Root or Main Taxonomy item, and descendants of thi...
Centralpoint MphC (Mult-Polyheirarchical Classification) Centralpoint MphC (Mult-Polyheirarchical Classification)
Properly classifying data involves a multi-tiered ontology. This hierarchy comprises various levels, each defining the data's nature and context. Simultaneously, data is classified based on intended audiences or departments, tailoring content relevance. Adding another layer, data classification is influenced by security roles, ensuring access co...
Centralpoint Document Management Centralpoint Document Management
The Centralpoint Document Management module is designed to streamline how organizations update and maintain their documents, and then make the newest versions available for download.   Centralpoint's Document Management module is a two-module suite that allows administrators to manage text and documents -- and the versions of those doc...
Centralpoint Data Import Utilities Centralpoint Data Import Utilities
Centralpoint's Data Import Utilities is a series of tools designed to prepare for imports. This tool allows you to set global parameters or assumptions when it comes to data imports. Import Utilities is a container for any tools that may aid developers during the import process. It empowers you to centralize information from disparate sources fo...
Centralpoint E-commerce Centralpoint E-commerce
All content modules within Centralpoint can be e-commerce enabled. This means that if you wish to sell anything -- a record, a video, or an online course -- you can. Of course you can manage a product catalog where users can shop, add items to their cart, and check out, but you may want to make records e-commerce enabled you never before thought...
Centralpoint Data Aggregation Centralpoint Data Aggregation
Centralpoint boasts exceptional Data Transformation tools that automate the aggregation of data from diverse sources. It facilitates both indexing and ingestion of both structured and unstructured data. This encompasses the capability to gather information from a variety of systems (such as SQL, Oracle, IBM, XML, JSON, CSV) as well as files from...
Centralpoint Forms to Document Centralpoint Forms to Document
Centralpoint Forms to Documents (or Web to Print) empowers you to create any web-based form you need filtering the data submitted through a TEMPLATE, (Doc, PPT, Excel), which then outputs a standardized templated output document (doc, pdf, ppt, xls) to parse all incoming requests into recorded documents. This approach to document creation guaran...
Centralpoint FitBit Monitoring Centralpoint FitBit Monitoring
Centralpoint's FitBit (and any wearable device integration) allows you to provide incentives for a healthier team. Centralpoint Fitbit integration allows for remote tracking of your staff to monitor such things as Geo positioning, Sleep patterns, Heart Rate, Workouts. This data can be incorporated into Centralpoint's Gamification tools in order ...
Centralpoint Roles (AD/SAML/oAUTH) Centralpoint Roles (AD/SAML/oAUTH)
Centralpoint integrates out of the box with Active Directory, SAML, Okta, Ping, Peoplesoft, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, and others. Centralpoint also supports it's own members module, for those users not found within your network security (like legal counsel or advertising partners). This allows you to welcome all users securely, regardless i...

SDK & Class Libary

Be sure to visit the Centralpoint SDK to learn more, or access our Class Library to see how you can build your own classes within Centralpoint

Centralpoint Master Server

The Centralpoint Master operates as a server, serving as the parent and host for your singular or multiple web projects. This versatile solution can be installed on-premise at your facilities or at your preferred location, facilitated by a user-friendly installation wizard. Each project, potentially substantial on its own, could function as a N-Tiered portal or Wheel.

This architecture excels in scalability, affording you robust control akin to SharePoint Portal Services but yielding superior outcomes. The Centralpoint Master efficiently assimilates updates from Oxcyon, even for on-premise hosting, as pull updates, effectively averting obsolescence and ensuring you're consistently up-to-date.

Upon downloading new modules, these can be seamlessly synchronized, with the option for automated synchronization, to your live project sites as new features. Following synchronization, you have the flexibility to activate the features needed for each site. The Centralpoint Master extends modular control over your local development endeavors. This facilitates the downstream synchronization of newly developed tools to your diverse web projects. Consequently, you can maintain an array of modular functions, mirroring our own practices.

For a comprehensive understanding, we recommend exploring the DEEP DIVE Video Tutorial on Centralpoint Master Server.

Hosting (Environment) Requirements

Centralpoint installation mandates a Windows environment, be it on-premise or in the cloud. A single server setup, accommodating both SQL and Centralpoint, serves as the minimum requirement, Windows 2019. Concurrently, Microsoft SQL, available in Standard or Enterprise versions, must be installed. While clients often opt for separate servers for Centralpoint and SQL, this is not obligatory.

Flexibility is a hallmark of Centralpoint installation. It readily adapts to diverse configurations, tailored to your project and environment, ensuring compatibility with VMware and virtual server installations.

Whether it's an on-premise singular setup or a multi-server virtual installation, Centralpoint adapts to your project's unique needs and the environment you operate in.

During installation, Oxcyon provides an installation wizard for your Centralpoint Master. This server interface will typically require its own IP address (and will generally consume an IP address for each (Development, QC, and your live production portal). This means that in addition to the Microsoft environment, you would typically reserve 4 IP addresses for the management of Centralpoint is a staged environment but is not required.