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Professional Services

What to expect

While Centralpoint stands as the most comprehensive and market-ready Digital Experience Platform available, it's essential to acknowledge that no solution is universally 100% ready out of the box. Your organization, markets, and projects carry distinctive attributes that necessitate customization. This could encompass adjustments to the user interface or design, as well as more intricate integration or workflow enhancements. Rest assured, our focus is on tailoring Centralpoint to harmonize seamlessly with your unique requirements.. We have had the experience working on over 350 engagements over the past 20 years, and pride ourselves on a no nonsense approach to 'get it done'. Unlike most consultants, we do not prey on the amount of time things take, and can often work much faster than our clients can feed us their data, or instruction.

Our commitment to professionalism is unwavering. Our team embodies a no-nonsense, proactive attitude that cuts through unnecessary paperwork, jargon, and complications. The complexity of building your project demands expertise, and we're equipped with leading industry professionals to ensure success, starting with your dedicated Project Manager.

From project initiation to launch, your Project Manager takes charge, meticulously organizing tasks through our Issue Management System. This system tracks every detail, providing a comprehensive audit trail. Your Project Manager orchestrates internal resources such as designers, database engineers, developers, and, when needed, network/server specialists. They serve as your central point of contact throughout the project, minimizing the demands on your team's time.

Even after launch, your Project Manager remains vigilant in monitoring your project's success. We keep you updated with our Evergreen Updates, ensuring that your project remains as relevant and robust years from now as it was on launch day.

Complete Project Management

Oxcyon will develop a project plan, based upon our out of the box Module Gallery and then address the customizations or statement of work in accordance with your goals and timelines. Our goal is to deliver more functionality than you had originally requested, and provide valuable consulting around the deliverable. Oxcyon sees itself as more than just hired hands, we would like to think of ourselves as seasoned veterans, who possess some interesting and unique ways to accomplish your goals, employing automation of processes wherever we possibly can.  

Oxcyon's sales and production management teams are comprised of seasoned experts, who have consulted on and built large-scale enterprise solutions for billion-dollar organizations. Our production management team provides consulting inclusive of its development. We have the expertise in integration, Workflow, Taxonomy, best practices, and, moreover, the experience of working with clients in situations just like yours. We understand your needs and we are here to provide you with the expertise and consulting you require, eliminating the need for another (outside) consultant. The consulting space is filled with experts, billing at an extraordinary hourly rate, yet who have no hands-on, real-world experience in building complex enterprise solutions. Put Oxcyon's experience to work for your organization.

Design & UX

Today's modern web design means responsive, accessible, intelligent CSS (Cascading style sheets) smart enough to transform to meet the needs of each of your users; public, private, mobile....everyone. 

Oxcyon views design as the filter or style sheet as an intelligent filter in which your information passes through. This varies depending on who is requesting the information, their security rights, what channel or microsite they are coming from, and one single record could present itself differently to multiple people. This means that you can support DITA, showing only the right users the right sections of a page (Example: legal clause shown to one in California, could be different than another user in Utah, depending on the rights of each user.). We provide you with our CSS, but you are free to write your own, or use those by Bootstrap or others. You will find that the way we manage CSS is unique (whether yours or ours), as only Centralpoint can make your CSS more intelligent, making the CSS dynamic themselves. In this way you can decouple your CSS from the rules over each site, re-using the same CSS for multiple designs.

In addition to traditional Design UX services, we also deliver Responsive designs. An intelligent CSS which considers not just the desktop version of each of your sites, but a 100% adaptive responsive version to serve any mobile device, regardless of brand. Many Centralpoint clients support numerous constituent websites, under one roof...some manage up to one thousand. In this case, these stand alone sites may have completely unique designs, which we support. Not only can Centralpoint intelligently organize these, but we support a one to many relationship between design and microsite, allowing you to offer a gallery of designs for each of your constituency.

Data & Site Migration

Centralpoint's unique Data Transfer and automated metadata tools provide robust capabilities for data aggregation and migration to a central hub. This tool is a must-see.

Data Transfer efficiently migrates from outdated CMS or legacy systems and aggregates external data, ensuring your web project remains current. Check out the Data Transfer video for a clear understanding of its potential. It's even used independently between disparate systems and licensed as a standalone solution.Oxcyon demonstrates its capability with a sample data transfer, ensuring your content can be safely migrated before commitment. Data Transfer enhances content upon migration via crosswalks and taxonomy, reviving old content. Multiple routines can be managed, running at different intervals. Also, data can be moved from Centralpoint to other databases.

Our approach considers your data lifecycle and Master Data Management strategy, centralizing disparate data for Digital Experience Platform user benefits.

Centralpoint scans data—entered manually or scheduled imports—applying keywords or metadata based on content. For instance, records containing codes or part numbers inherit metadata per your rules.



Integration & Interoperability

Centralpoint boasts a track record of integration with numerous back office applications. Integration often revolves around secure authentication, with our global login module serving as a versatile tool. This module enables cross-forest single sign-on with LDAP, Active Directory, Salesforce, SAML 2.0, and oAuth (including platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google). We further facilitate the integration of user experience data—such as orders, file interactions, downloads, and surveys—with your back office systems (such as ERP, CRM, Patient Systems, and more). For those inclined to handle integration themselves, we provide a robust Web API, ensuring interoperability with any system you currently support.

Our prowess in system integration aligns technology with your business goals, irrespective of your organization's scale or nature. Our certified processes, coupled with 15 years of service experience, underscore our project execution success. Strategic collaborations with technology leaders bolster our ability to deliver cost-effective, steady, scalable, smart, and innovative integration services with tangible results. This, in conjunction with Centralpoint's flexibility, empowers Oxcyon to offer optimal solutions via our vendor-agnostic approach. Our team is ready to provide invaluable guidance and training, enabling your local development team to achieve more with less effort.


Oxcyon's team boasts extensive expertise in Service Oriented Architecture, cultivated through diverse projects of varying complexities. Service Oriented Architecture empowers efficient scaling, whether for multiple public websites, franchisee platforms, dealer sites, or partner portals. Centralpoint's architecture facilitates seamless information distribution across your go-to-market channels.

More than just a leading Digital Experience Platform, a capable digital experience team is crucial for a successful implementation—swift, effective, and seamless. Our team excels in domains like Enterprise planning, Integration, Taxonomy Development, Data Warehousing & Migration, Design, User Experience, DITA, Document Management, Collaboration, Security, Single Sign-On (SSO), Web Services, Gamification, and Business Intelligence. This expertise shapes your project's lifecycle, supported by maintenance and support services.

Rather than piecing together disparate tools, we advocate for harmonizing information through a central point. This maximizes efficiency and effectiveness, contrasting with the approach of patching together various tools..

On Going Support

After launch, Oxcyon's commitment extends to ongoing maintenance and support for your organization. We offer two support options: Stream of Enhancements and On-Going Production Management, recommended for continued success.

Our support goes beyond functionality, offering strategic advice for long-term achievements. Oxcyon staff guides innovative content delivery, licensing, and access models. We're your committed partner, dedicated to your project's prosperity.

Stream of Enhancements ensures system currency with Evergreen Updates. On-Going Production Management mirrors initial launch support, available Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM (Eastern Time) for standard assistance. This covers bug fixes, inquiries, and maintaining project relevance. Note: ongoing maintenance doesn't include redesign. Custom services are available at a flat fee, discussed beforehand.


If you've had prior experiences with web-based projects, you're likely familiar with the challenges and frustrations that can arise from vendor interactions. We're committed to revolutionizing this by providing tools that ensure immediate time-to-market and a fully accountable system called Issue Manager, aimed at keeping everyone informed at every stage of your project. With this, you'll no longer need to follow up with vendors who may have dropped the ball. We understand the significance of accountability and meticulous tracking within the project lifecycle.

Oxcyon's Online Issue Management system delivers complete transparency and accountability for each task within your project. Accessible around the clock, this online system meticulously monitors every step outlined in your project plan. It offers real-time email updates as tasks are completed, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed of our progress and preventing anything from slipping through the cracks. Creating a top-notch web project with the leading User Experience Platform requires more than a superior technology like Centralpoint; it also necessitates a tracking system to ensure timely and budget-friendly completion of each project phase.

An intriguing aspect is that the response times recorded in our Issue Manager are utilized for employee evaluations, salary increments, and incentives. At Oxcyon, we directly link our accountability to our clients to the performance evaluations and incentives of the employees managing these projects. This approach has facilitated over 15 years of impeccably organized projects and immensely satisfied clients.

Custom Projects

Oxcyon frequently undertakes custom projects for clients requiring new, specialized functionality not available within our standard Module Gallery. These projects are often offered as fixed-bid, flat-rate fees, which we present after assessing the unique requirements of the custom project. Once you've reviewed the custom project pricing and we embark on the work, our commitment is to deliver within the set timeframe and budget. Occasionally, these custom requests lead to new modules. Oxcyon might choose to develop these modules at no charge to the client, with the intention of making them available in the upcoming Evergreen Update. Such initiatives often stem from Voice of Client feedback, reflecting ideas that are highly reusable and in demand across our client base. It's important to note that Oxcyon retains the right to decline developing any module at no cost, at any given time.

Notably, many updates we've released over the past 15 years have originated from our clients' input, which we refer to as Voice of Client. These updates typically encompass new features within modules—such as the scheduling feature in Data Transfer—or can even span entire module suites, as seen with the Logs suite found in the Module Gallery.. 


Oxcyon employs a "Train the Trainer" approach, ensuring your key stakeholders receive training and recording these sessions for your convenience in training others. Training can range from basic instruction on content entry to empowering your local development team to construct new tool suites within Centralpoint. Our objective is to equip you with enough training and expertise that you can independently handle various tasks if you choose to.

Centralpoint training is streamlined due to its intuitive user interface. It can easily be conducted through online web conferencing and we provide supplementary online training tools. Developed for non-technologists, Centralpoint employs point-and-click, drag-and-drop technology, making training focused on specific functions of more intricate tools. A significant portion of Centralpoint's tools can be utilized by anyone familiar with basic functions like copy and paste. We often record the web-based training sessions we provide, allowing you to reference them in the future. This proves particularly valuable in cases of staff turnover or the addition of new team members. Once our comprehensive training concludes, you're provided with step-by-step how-to links, enabling you to train others or carry out tasks on your own. Should we offer ongoing support for these services, we are happy to provide them.

Training is tailored to the unique needs and objectives of each client. Although the introductory training is uniform, emphasis might shift towards specific modules depending on their importance to your project. Given the diverse verticals we cater to, training subtly differs for each client and can focus solely on the modules they use. Naturally, the number of modules you employ correlates with the extent of training required. Additionally, we encourage you to explore our Deep Dive training videos available online.

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