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Professional Services

What to expect

Although Centralpoint is the most robust, market ready Digital Experience Platform in the industry, no solution is ever 100% ready out of the box. Your organization, markets, and projects are unique, and that means we will likely need to customize it around your needs. Often times this might mean only the UI or Design, other times, there may be more complex integration or workflow. We have had the experience working on over 350 engagements over the past 20 years, and pride ourselves on a no nonsense approach to 'get it done'. Unlike most consultants, we do not prey on the amount of time things take, and can often work much faster than our clients can feed us their data, or instruction.

You can expect absolute professionalism from our staff. We are proud to offer a no nonsense, take charge attitude, without unnecessary paperwork, terminology or nonsense.  Building your project is complex, and we bring leading industry experts to help you accomplish the task, starting with your Project Manger. This individual will manage your project from Kick Off to Launch, organizing each task in our Issue Management System, tracking every detail and providing a complete audit trail. Your project manager will work with the internal resources needed such as designers, database engineers, developers and (where applicable) network/server resources; acting as your central point of communication at all times. Our job is to gather the information we need, and get the job efficiently, taking up the least amount of time from your team.

After launch your Project Manager will continue to monitor your project's success, and update you with our Evergreen Updates, guaranteeing it will be just years from today as when it launched. 

Complete Project Management

Oxcyon will develop a project plan, based upon our out of the box Module Gallery and then address the customizations or statement of work in accordance with your goals and timelines. Our goal is to deliver more functionality than you had originally requested, and provide valuable consulting around the deliverable. Oxcyon sees itself as more than just hired hands, we would like to think of ourselves as seasoned veterans, who possess some interesting and unique ways to accomplish your goals, employing automation of processes wherever we possibly can.  

Oxcyon's sales and production management teams are comprised of seasoned experts, who have consulted on and built large-scale enterprise solutions for billion-dollar organizations. Our production management team provides consulting inclusive of its development. We have the expertise in integration, Workflow, Taxonomy, best practices, and, moreover, the experience of working with clients in situations just like yours. We understand your needs and we are here to provide you with the expertise and consulting you require, eliminating the need for another (outside) consultant. The consulting space is filled with experts, billing at an extraordinary hourly rate, yet who have no hands-on, real-world experience in building complex enterprise solutions. Put Oxcyon's experience to work for your organization.

Design & UX

Today's modern web design means responsive, accessible, intelligent CSS (Cascading style sheets) smart enough to transform to meet the needs of each of your users; public, private, mobile....everyone. 

Oxcyon views design as the filter or style sheet as an intelligent filter in which your information passes through. This varies depending on who is requesting the information, their security rights, what channel or microsite they are coming from, and one single record could present itself differently to multiple people. This means that you can support DITA, showing only the right users the right sections of a page (Example: legal clause shown to one in California, could be different than another user in Utah, depending on the rights of each user.). We provide you with our CSS, but you are free to write your own, or use those by Bootstrap or others. You will find that the way we manage CSS is unique (whether yours or ours), as only Centralpoint can make your CSS more intelligent, making the CSS dynamic themselves. In this way you can decouple your CSS from the rules over each site, re-using the same CSS for multiple designs.

In addition to traditional Design UX services, we also deliver Responsive designs. An intelligent CSS which considers not just the desktop version of each of your sites, but a 100% adaptive responsive version to serve any mobile device, regardless of brand. Many Centralpoint clients support numerous constituent websites, under one roof...some manage up to one thousand. In this case, these stand alone sites may have completely unique designs, which we support. Not only can Centralpoint intelligently organize these, but we support a one to many relationship between design and microsite, allowing you to offer a gallery of designs for each of your constituency.

Data & Site Migration

Centralpoint's unique Data Transfer and automated metadata tools empower our team and you with robust tools to aggregate and migrate data into a central point. It is one of those tools you have to see. 

Data Transfer is used by Oxcyon to easily migrate you from arcane CMS or legacy systems. Data Transfer can also be used (by Oxcyon or your team) to aggregate data (from outside sources) to guarantee your web project is always up to date with the latest data. Be sure to watch the video on Data Transfer to see what it can do for you. Data transfer can also be used between disparate systems, (having nothing to do with Centralpoint), and as such, is often licensed as a stand alone solution to clients. When a client has uncertainty that the content can safely be migrated, Oxcyon will even conduct a sample data transfer, before you sign with us, to prove that we can do it. Data Transfer can also enhance your content, upon migration, due to our support of crosswalks and taxonomy. These features bring your old (dead) content back to life again, allowing us more control over the newly imported information. You can manage multiple data transfer routines, each scheduled to run at different intervals. Data transfer may also be used to move any information collected in Centralpoint 'to' these other databases.

Here we will give careful consideration to your overall data lifecycle, or Master Data Management strategy. This is because Centralpoint will often be centralizing these many disparate sets of data.....to benefit each user as a Digital Experience Platform. 

This function allows Centralpoint to scan any data (either manually entered or imported on a scheduled basis) based upon each record's contents to automatically apply the appropriate keywords or metadata. (Example: Any record which contains a code or part number (within the PDF, Word, Oracle or SQL) record, may inherit metadata based upon your rules. 


Integration & Interoperability

Centralpoint has been integrated with hundreds of back office applications.Typically, there is integration relating to authentication (in order for Centralpoint to recognize the user securely). Here we use our global login module, which allows for cross forest single sign on with LDAP, Active Directory, Salesforce, SAML 2.0 and oAuth (Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Google). Additionally we can integrate the results of any user experience, or what each user did online (orders placed, files created, filed downloaded, surveys taken) with your back office systems (ERP, CRM, Patient Systems, anything). Finally, we provide a robust Web API, should you want to do that integration yourself, empowering your with interoperability with any system you current support. 

Oxcyon extends our expertise in system integration to ensure that the technology is aligned with your business objectives no matter the size and nature of your organization. Our certified processes and over 15 years of service experience are reflected in the success we have achieved in executing projects. Strategic alliances with leading technology players further enable us to deliver cost-effective integration services that are not only steady, scale able, smart, and innovative but also result oriented. This in addition to the flexibility provided by Centralpoint, enables Oxcyon to deliver the best of breed solutions to customers with our vendor agnostic approach. Our team will even provide valuable guidance and training to make sure your local development team are able to do more with less effort.


Oxcyon staff possess years of expertise in Service Oriented Architecture. They have the experience of working with hundreds of projects from simple to complex. Service Oriented Architecture allows your organization to scale with the least amount of effort. Whether this mean deploying hundreds of public websites, franchisees, dealers, or partner sites, Centralpoint's Service Oriented Architecture allows your information to 'cascade' from your parent organization down through the myriad of go to market channels.

Besides a leading Digital Experience Platform, you need a leading digital experience team to help you implement your project properly, quickly and easily.  Enterprise planning, Integration, Taxonomy Development, Data Warehousing & Migration, Design, User Experience, DITA, Document Management, Collaboration, Security, (SSO) Single Sign On, Web Services, Gamification, and Business Intelligence. We leverage the expertise, as we develop and deploy your project. This expertise is also available to you on an on going basis through our maintenance and support of your project. Too many vendors will recommend cobbling together disparate tools to achieve your digital experience strategy. We advise strongly against that, and suggest you consider harmonizing your information from one central point. 

On Going Support

After the launch of your site, Oxcyon is committed to providing on going maintenance to your organization and your staff. Oxcyon provides two types of on going support, our Stream of Enhancements, and On Going Production management. Each of these maintenance options are optional in the second year of service and beyond, but highly recommended. Beyond making sure the tool is functional, Oxcyon staff provide you needed consulting regarding the long term success of your project; suggesting new ways to deliver, license, and grant access (for free or for fee) to your information, Oxcyon sees itself as your business partner, committed to the success of your project. 

The Stream of Enhancements support is to keep you up to date through our Evergreen Updates. On going production management entitles you to support similar to when your site launched, giving you access M-F, 8am-6pm (Eastern) for standard support. On going support includes bug fixes, answering questions you may have, and making sure the initial project launched remains functional and relevant. On going maintenance does not include site redesign, or other tasks like during the initial launch. Those services can be provided on a flat rate fee, which is discussed with you in advance of us beginning any custom work.  


If you have ever worked on a web based project before let's face it, you may not have had a great experience with your previous vendors. We seek to change this with tools which make time to market immediate, and through a fully accountable system we call Issue Manager, which keeps everyone up to date, through every step of your project. You will never again have to follow up with a vendor, who may have dropped a ball. Oxcyon understands the importance of accountability and tracking each step within the project. 

Oxcyon's Online Issue Management system gives full transparency and accountability into each task of your project. This online system, available 24/7, tracks each step in your project's plan, and provides you real time email updates (automatically) the moment our tasks are complete. This keeps everyone in the project abreast of our progress, and makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Building a world class web project, with the leading User Experience Platform, requires more than a great technology like Centralpoint. It also needs a tracking system, to make sure each step of the project is met on time and on budget. 

You might find it interesting that the response times tracked in our Issue Manager are what is used for employee reviews, salary increases and employee incentives. Oxcyon believes in typing our accountability with our clients directly to the bottom line of each employee who supports these projects, which has successfully resulted in over 15 years of well organized projects, and highly satisfied clients.  

Custom Projects

Oxcyon often engages in custom projects for clients for new bespoke functionality they need which may not be available within our standard Module Gallery. These projects will typically be fixed bid, flat rate fees, that we will provide to you after assessing your custom project needs. Once you have reviewed our custom project pricing, and we commence work, we strive to get them delivered on time and on budget. Sometimes, new custom requests result in a new module, which Oxcyon may be interested to develop at no charge to the client, providing that it can make it available within the next Evergreen Update. These are typically ideas from Voice of Client, which we deem to be highly re-usable and in demand by other clients. Oxcyon reserves the right to decline to develop any module at no cost, at any time. 

You may be interested to know that many of the updates we have released over the past 15 years, originated from our customers (or what we call Voice of Client). Typically these are new features within modules (like the scheduling feature in Data Transfer), but can include an entire module suite (like the Logs suite, found in the Module Gallery). 


Oxcyon believes in a Train the Trainer approach. This means we train your key stakeholders, and record our training sessions to make it easy for you to train others.  Training can be basic training of how to enter content into your site, or training your local development team how to build a new suite of tools within Centralpoint. Oxcyon's objective is to provide you with enough training and know-how that you can do anything yourself -- that is, if you want to.  

Based on our intuitive user interface, Centralpoint training is straightforward. It is simple enough to be accomplished via online web conferencing. We also provide online tools for online training. Since Centralpoint was developed for non-technologists and yields a point-and-click, drag-and-drop technology, training is reduced to only specific functions of more elaborate tools. If you know how to copy and paste, you already know how to use 80 percent of the tools available within Centralpoint. We typically will record the web based (Video) training we provide, so that you can refer to it in the future. This is especially helpful for any turnover or new hires you may add to your team. When we conclude training on all aspects of Centralpoint, you are left with links of step by step, how-to's to train others, or to do it yourself. If we provide on going support to provide those services, we will do it. 

Training is typically customized around each of our client's needs and objectives. The introductory training is the same for all, but you may need to focus in on specific modules -- more so than others -- based on what is most important to your project. Because the verticals we service are varied and disparate, training is subtlety different for each and can focus on just the modules being used. The more modules you use, the more training is required. Also be sure to watch the Deep Dive training videos available online.

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